3D portrait of Sheikh Zayed, Oleg Koreyba (3D)


Title: 3D portrait of Sheikh Zayed
Name: Oleg Koreyba
Country: Ukraine
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

3d portrait of Sheikh Zayed. Created to printing 3d motion full color hologram.
More info at http://3d-portrait.blogspot.com/

Video with printed Hologram here:


Excellent buddy !

keep up the good work



everything so good,like eyes


Excelent Skin,eyes,lightning,nice job 5 star man!


Looks great! Eyes are indeed fantastic, the look is so natural. Congratulations for this good work! :thumbsup:


The modeling is good. The skin texture is a little plastic looking, but not bad overall.

The background & clothes is a few notch down in terms of quality. DO you have a texture for the clothes?

The person looks like he was lighted by hot afternoon sun, but (correct me if I am wrong) the background shows a night scene!

The thing I can’t understand (and it happen often here), here is that why would someone spend so much time & effort to do the main focus, in this case the face, but wouldn’t bother to spend at least a decent amount of time to work on the sub area, in this case, the clothes & background.


amazing work i like it but can u show me or upload the waer by this modeling ?ok

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


looks great


Wow nice details! Great modelling. Maybe just little bit too much CG looking clean and sharp. But anyway you achieve expression of his eyes and face. It’s main thing :thumbsup:


The modeling and hair is really good. I think the textures on the cloth let the image down a little though. Perhaps you could add an actual cloth texture to give it a genuine feel of material? Other than that, this is excellent work!


I saw this on your website a little while back and was amazed. You’ve nailed the likeness to a T. Great job and an interesting way to sell 3D art :stuck_out_tongue:


very good work man … :thumbsup:


I saw your other renders with your character and I have to admit I prefer these
with the gradient background. I especially love the one where he looks on his left. :thumbsup:


Nice work man, although the render gives a kind of plastic look imo …
Nevertheless > great job!

GrtZ, Tim


looks great! :thumbsup:


very nice work indeed



Real iimage, but eyes too sad and bristle is not real (imho)


Thank you all for your kind words and comments. Some of my answers below.
As mentioned, this portrait was commissioned to print full-color hologram. In this CG looking clean and sharp - smoothed out after printing. You can see it on video

For this work - the time allotted and the budget was not big. Therefore, I could not spend a lot of effort to create clothes. But still, I wanted to create the face with a good photo likeness. Unfortunately, for this, I had no photos with good quality.
The background for the Sheikh, my client wanted to see the national flag of UAE. But at the last moment, on the advice RabbitHoles, it was decided to refuse it. For more 3D effect in the hologram needed a horizontal saturated background details. As a result, for the background, we have added a photo of the mosque. This mosque was built after the death of Sheikh Zayed and is named in his honor. Inconsistency lighting on the face and the background was not so important.

The main reference picture, which was chosen by my client - below

More photos of Sheikh Zayed

A few test renders:


very well done ,


great work ! beautifull skin shader and you catched perfectly the likeness and “feeling”.