3D Portrait of David Spriggs, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: 3D Portrait of David Spriggs
Name: Ian Spriggs
Country: Canada
Software: Maya mudbox photoshop
Submitted: 31st October 2014

3D portrait of my Brother David Spriggs. In this portrait I was trying to capture the mood of his character as well as his likeness.
I hope you like it.
More can be seen on my website www.ianspriggs.com



Oh man, so awesome. Your website has so much cool stuff on it now, I’m jealous


tell me how do you do :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Oh WOW! This is great! All details are super: cloth, hairs, skin, eyes!


This is absolutely awesome. One of the best CGI portraits I have ever seen :eek: :thumbsup:


very nice work, i mostly like the hair work! very realistic!


Amazing work. Of course, the technical excellence is there, but the lighting impressed me most.


This is great!

Personally I think his hair looks a bit like a wig, but not having met your brother this might be exactly what it looks like :slight_smile:


Amazing work. I really like the way you lit it and used shadows also.


It is a good one…a great job on the whole thing. :slight_smile:


Wonderful sculpt, textures and skin. Good lighting and pose. well done.


Nice Work… :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the lighting and the expression on this one!