3D Painting & Texturing - DigitalInnovator DVD Vol. 2


From Wacom News:

3D Painting & Texturing - DigitalInnovator DVD Vol. 2
The Digital Innovator series of DVDs showcases outstanding individuals who are
creatively using technology to improve their professional and personal lives.
The videos give an inside look at their tools, their philosophies, and their
practices in a way that is both entertaining and instructive. Volume 1 features
Hollywood photographer Vincent Versace. Volume 2 is about to be released and it
features Dan Casey who is a talented 3D artist that works digital magic for
Vinton Studios using Maya, Photoshop, DeepPaint, and BodyPaint. Dan Casey has an
amazing portfolio of work and a very relaxed flair for sharing his techniques.
Check out http://www.wacom.com/digitalinnovator for more details. The 3D
Painting & Texturing DVD should be available within a few weeks. Vincent
Versace’s Photographic Workflow DVD is available now. Each are priced at just
under $30.



The link is broken. I’d like to see the DVD though. My searches turned up nothing. Who sells VOL 1, and VOL 2?

Got it

http://www.digitalinnovator.com/ :slight_smile:


I would like to find out more about this but there is nothing on the DigitalInnovator site about it.

Anyone here know any more about this?


Here the same! MORE NEWS PLEASE!


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