3D music video


Hello :slight_smile:
I have just completed, well, kind of a teaser to the music video.
(Polish band called O.N.A.)
It was supposed to be an exercise animation.

its in quicktime format this time


just tell me what you think?

I will prepare beter divx version soon.




it’s a little scary to hear that voice coming from that character but the lip sync seemed pretty good, i didn’t like a couple of the shots/movements, mainly the little walk cycle thats spliced in there, and a few complete motion pauses between singing. i DID like this though, the character is wierd but modeled well, and the lighting was what it needed to be


woah, that was pretty cool, I really liked the model and the animation, exept the slow mo walking parts, it looked like he was wearing some huge diper or something, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

great work dude :beer:


nice! i really like the style and the shaky camera…good job


I really liked the lipsynching, the camera, and the lighting.

I’m curious about the shots with the bloody mouth (well, actually I’m curious as to what the song is about). Does that fit in with the words?

The slow-mo walk cycle seems a bit out of place compared to the rest of the piece.



nice work dude, the lipsyncing is great… and is that lipstick or blood at that on point?

Who is the artist who did this song? I’d like to know, it sounded really good!


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