3D models search engine


Hi, everybody!

A month ago we’ve started 3d model search engine.
Its like a Google, but only for 3d models.
http://3dmdb.com/ - 3d model database.

Soon we’ll add filters and search by pictures and by topology/profile/shape.

What else is necessary for your opinion? Would be great to get any feedback from you.


It’s not a bad idea. I would say that there are some improvements that can be made.

  1. Hide the option to narrow your search down by provider. I’m not saying to get rid of this feature, but restrict it to the user customizable filters. Like the old saying goes, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stuipd). Hide your filters behind an “advanced options” sort of thing.

  2. You’ll also need a filter to narrow down price ranges, license types, and available formats.

3)The logo is nice, but a little derivative. Color-wise, it borrows from Google. Design-wise, the “3D” on the cube thing has been done many times over. The logo doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be memorable. This logo’s just too familiar, and not for the right reasons.

  1. The text over each image isn’t so great. In come cases, the text is plain hard to read. You might be better off placing the text above or below each framed thumbnail. It’s way cleaner that way.

The only other piece of advice I can offer is “stay current”. If it’s an actual indexed search engine then keep that index as fresh as possible. If all you’re doing is running multiple searches and then compiling, stay on top of the actual searches. If one provider’s engine changes and you end up passing in the wrong parameters or in the wrong format… there goes your own engine. I’ve seen other smaller engines break like this before.

Other than that, I think that you’re onto something though. It’s always nice to have this information in one place. Aggregators of this type are real time savers.


as mentioned before, filters for price range and file formats are essential. also a “sort by” functionality would be good… i also agree about the titles and the price, putting them on top of the images is a bad idea, it would be much easier for the eye if they would be displayed under or above the picture…


Great share :slight_smile:

Probably not something I’d use personally though. Off hand those new to CG will find this search tool more useful. I’ve been around a while, so my favs have been bookmarked for donkey’s years…there only two 3d content library’s I source anyway, when time is of a premium and/or topology research:


…and who’s assets are of the required production standard I demand, as a polygonal hardsurface modeller by trade. (mechanical)

Furthermore, especially when I’m feeling particularly lazy and can’t be bothered making stuff prototyping an idea, plus obviously when funds allow of course, I head on over.

There’s a morass of shite to wade through online, when searching an approved example, for whatever purpose. By high-end quality I mean something like this:


…first came across his work back in 2009, and on a sneaky suspicion ran a search a couple of months ago. Hey presto his CGT 3D Stills WIP for that exact model:



Thanks a lot, guys!
Filters for price, for format, for license would be ready very soon.
We’ll think about moving the text from picture, and maybe we’ll do that like an option - it’s a good remark.
Of course we will index new stores and stocks that we’ll find (now we have about 10 web-sites indexing) and of course we’ll reindex all old web-sites in regular basis. If you now any more good model bases, that we can index, give a link, please! =)

to Sacboi:
execuse me, but I don’t understand for sure, what are you talking about. May be my english is not so well. Can you explain it in other words? Thanks


^ Ah…sorry.

Well, while I think your search engine is a nice tool for those artists just beginning too learn CG. However in my case, with a bit more experience as a polygonal hardsurface modeller, I am not sure it will be of any use for me personally, due to the fact I only source two online 3D Model stores with high-end product, namely the following:

Humster3D - http://humster3d.com/
CGRiver - http://www.cgriver.com/

So as a result, over the years, from my experience having to “clean” or error check most models I had downloaded via other sites for testing purposes, which now had finally led to only choosing content in my opinion, of a high standard, therefore as an example, I had used the Abrams M1A1 SEP created by @coresplendor.

Hope that makes my comments as a experienced end-user, understandable for you.


Yes, Sacboi, now everything is clear, thanks a lot!!! =)


Hi, Sacboi!
We’ve indexed Humster3D, and CGRiver would be very soon. :wink:


I really like this - but one thing is that with 3dSky sometimes it says “free” on 3dmdb but then you go to the website and it is the pro version model (which is paid). Apart from that, it’s great.


Thank you! Yes, we know it we’ll fix it very soon. =)


Our publishing business will soon have its catalog online in a new format, so it would be nice if mirye.net is included when its up.

Something you might also want to consider is some way to count trademark rip offs by brokerage - so people can evaluate by reputation. Some brokerages claim they do quality checks but then allow some individual folks to sell DC / Marvel / Disney characters. We’ve had to send a number of DMCA take down notices when our characters show up…again and again to some brokerages.


Thank you, Lynnfredricks!
Of course we will index mirye.net because we want to have in our index all existing 3D models! Write me, please, when it would be ready: info@3dmdb.com
And I understand you about rip offs - thank you for advice. =)


Seems useful enough. Thank you!


Now Filter by Price and «Only Free Models» button are available - check it http://3dmdb.com


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Very nice search engine. Except that when you type “babe” into search, you get a red robot, and baby dragon and elephant models, ha ha ha. :smiley:

I wish that we had something like this back in the 1990s. Would have made doing CG much easier.