3d modelling from digital camera pics


first off, i just wanted to say that im very new to 3d graphics and dont know all that much, so please dont flame me if i ask a seemingly dumb/stupid/simple question :slight_smile:

anyway, wat i wanted to know is,
is there a program that can take multiple photos (taken via digi cam) and create a 3-Dimensional view of the object in those photos?
so that you could get a 3d surround view of the object. ie a car.

i just want to know if there is program that can do this and wat it is.


Check out Quicktime VR, usually it’s used for creating a rotatable environment (you just rotate the camera around it’s axis) but I’ve also seen it used a few times for rotating the camera around an object.

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oooh youre in that stage where you try and find shortcuts to the inevitable trouth that you will pull millions of points. theres no shortcut my friend even a $20,000 scanner will require you to know the modeling process in order to make the geometry usable for film by remodeling the topology to make the data usable.

there are some products that do what you ask but they are more for fun silly things than from anything usefull in a production environment. buy some learning material. its not so bad to get the hand of it. i use photos all the time but it still comes down to doing it manually


I miss that stage. . . :love: But alas, now I have grown into a boy who pushes and pulls bazillions of little vertices

-Tom N.


I remember Canon having a stand at last years ects in London where they had such a product. It required you to take a series of photos of the object and it converted it to a low-poly with textures already applied. The wireframes were however pretty messy and should be tweaked to be used for animation. I believe that such a product can be handy for creating small background objects in a short amount of time, but modeling it yourself gives you far more freedom to tweak it to your satisfaction.


thanks a lot ppl. i asked a professor at my uni about it and he told me about a program called Photomodeler Pro. apparently this program can do wat i want provided it’s not for animation or so. ill give that a shot to get a hang of it then try something else

thanks again


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