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So im applying for universities this year starting September 2011. At the moment im really stuck as too choosing my 5 choices. Im based in the UK at the moment and im looking at


I need to choose two more universities to a high standard. Im not interested in going to bournemouth because of their ridiculous amounts of drawing. Below are some of my 3d modelling and texturing work, just to show the sort of level im at currently. Im 17, studying ND Games Development at warwickshire college and im wondering about my 5 options, anyone got any good ideas?


Start drawing. You have little chance of getting a job if you can’t draw, your traditional skills are just as vital as your 3D skills - every games company that has ever given a talk at my university (and that’s every single large developer in the UK) has reiterated this so often that it has become a mantra. Some have told us to make sure the students put their life drawings as the first images in their showreels - if those aren’t good enough, they don’t bother to look at the 3D.

Your 3D models are good, but you are only copying things that already exist. Traditional skills allow you to design things that don’t exist… there are a surprisingly large amount of those in games :slight_smile:


Although drawing is an important part of skills for 3D but it is not an absolute in my opinion best look at this thread-

Drawing alone is not a gaurantee for you to get a job in 3D. However it is still advantageous as a skill to have.

It is a great start to model from real life as alot of studios want to see real life objects as they can reference it in their mind of what you want to model and can see you can model from reference. The ability to model something that is unreal comes later and that in reels or portfolios for people wanting to get into the industry, have mainly real life objects and only put fantasy concepts in if they are of a high standard.

University that has a good rep for games is Teeside University but thats only from what I heard.


im studying digital animation alt falmouth and, while still a new course its worth a look.

heres my blog and some stuff we’ve been set to do.



Hey, whats the course called at Falmouth? and is it mostly 3d modelling in 3ds Max or Maya? I just dont particularly want to do a course that is not 3d art.


I hate to say it but stuff they teach like life drawing at Bournemouth is really important, I got into bournemouth and was really impressed with their reputation but the tests for entry are intimidating and the staff’s attitude is condescending and too “prove yourself, unworthy one” for my liking.

Seriously, keep drawing, all the best 3D modellers and artists know human anatomy and can draw the stuff the model incredibly realistically, I do sympathise because I hate life drawing, I’d love to be great at it but I’m not.

At falmouth we learn Maya for 3D modelling but also available are 3DS Max which I’ve never used and the glorious Mudbox which I’m just started to use. But Falmouth isnt just a 3D based animation course so the very specialised route you’ve got your eye on isnt the only thing covered, its one of many. So maybe falmouth isnt for you. Bournemouth is supposed to be the best in terms of your chances of getting into industry though so don’t overlook it. University of Glamorgan is another one to look at. But again, they also want drawing skills, the applicants who do art foundations and stuff are the ones who get the offers (unless you have a solid Art A Level portfolio like me :wink: )

Hope this is helpful.



would you suggest falmouth for games art?


its worth looking at but thats not what its geared for, some of the skills you learn will definately apply, i intend to work in the games industry myself someday, but there whole load of other skills taught that arent directly relevant to games art. While this can sometimes seem pointless it definately leads to a more rounded and thorough education.

your call.


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