3d modeller Looking for work!!


Hi my name is Mark Sullivan, I am a experienced 3d Modeller/3d Artist. I use Maya and max on a daily basis within my current job in which I am modlling technicle and freeform objects , low poly to ultra high poly. Im setting up scenes for Lighting and Rendering. I am fully up to date with all the latest 3d technology and rendering techniques. I am currentlly looking for a new and exiting job as either a 3d modeller or a 3d Artist within the games or film/advertising indusrty. If you would like to see some examples of my work please email me at Sully114@aol.com. Im a very versitle Artist you name it I can do it…


Im in the process of getting my website up together,so here is a link to a temp version with some examples of my work.



I have added some more work to my site, take a look!! Tell me what you think…:thumbsup:


Hi sully, would you be interested in giving some online 3ds max modeling lessons? I am 17 yrs old. I have been using 3ds max for several months but I am horrible at organic modeling. I can pay you via paypal for some online lessons to help me with the problems I may be having. If you are interested we can have a remote conference lesson by connecting to one or the others computer via TightVNC or some other kind of remote software. I would be willing to pay around $100 per lessons although my money is a little short right now. Please reply if interested.


I would be glad to help you drop me an email, and we can discuss how we are gonna connect.:thumbsup:


I have sent you an email, I also added you to my msn list hope to hear from you soon.


I am currently seeking some freelance modeling work whether its technicle or organic modelling, if you are interested in hiring my services please get in contact with me at Sully114@aol.com

P.S I appogise for the the state of my website at the moment this work on here is outdated, I am working on the new improved version and it will be finished very soon.:thumbsup:


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