3D Modeled HEAD


OKay. Well, this is my first post, first head, first well… everything. I’m pretty new to the 3D buisness… i’m in 11th grade (in High School) Anyway; Here he is. fully modeled to the best of my abilities (so far) I believe he is done.
Name: dude
Sftware Used: 3ds max 4.2, photoshop 7
Renderer: Splutterfish’s Brazil R/S

here goes…

And the movie… (Lip sync test) <<< DiVX required!

MOVIE (Divx) 1.2mb

And QUICKTIME version here
Quicktime Movie
have mercy! :shrug:

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i’d say the eyelids are off (they go from thin to thick) and the dimples on either side of the mouth are strange.

all in all a good effort though.


the eye lids look weird(?) but overall this is a good model but don’t even try go for photorealism, the model could be used better for smth else. :wavey:


Yeah, you guys are quite right. My intention at first was to get it as close to photorealistic as possible, but half way there it looked to me that that is impossible for me right now. So, he is not supposed to be photorealistic. :rolleyes:
heh. Well… and about the eyelids, heh… well… i tried to make em funky. Ow well… i learn from my mistakes :shrug:


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