3d modeled gym-any ideas??


I’m tryig to find good examples of gyms to get ideas from. I need 3d gym’s that look cartoony. I already have an idea of a gym that I want to model, but I would like to get a better idea of what it would look like if it was cartoony.

can anyone give me some places to look at online, where I can look at an image??


Possibly I have to put it on by bad english but what do you mean with gym? A gymnastic-room? What is the kind of way you think of to make it look ‘cartoony’?

Regards, Manday


I mean a gym. A place where you come to lift weights, do cardio, etc. Like Golds Gym.

what I mean by cartoony is to use exaggeration on weights. Have the bars bend, weights bend, etc.


Check a DVD of Chicken Little - there are a number of sequences in the gymnasium that might help you out, plus some shots of weight equipment as Chicken gets ready for the big game. All with a cartoony look and feel.

Good luck!


hey jonosf,

thanks for the idea. I haven’t really thought about that and I had the DVD for a year now.

I’ll check it out. good idea

Anymore ideas??


google images. search for cartoon gyms and weights and any other words that go along with cartoon and or gym and any combination you can think of and you will find tons of images for concepts and ideas


i already did, but I didn’t find any good ideas to work from.


Go to a gym, and then stylize it when you are creating it.
You already stated that the toon aspect involves exaggerated weights, bent bars and weights.
So what else could you really need to see in an image already in existance?
Do you plan to directly recreate this image that you’re looking for?
If not, what information are you looking for in this image?

Someone might be able to give you this information, or direct you to an alternate source for this information aside from a complete photo if they knew what you want to know.


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