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If it’s possible, then maybe add also grabCAD library. They have a lot of free models.

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Now Filter by Price and «Only Free Models» button are available - check it http://3dmdb.com


Hi there!
Now, a full list of 3D models on model database http://3dmdb.com/ is 964.194 models. I dream about 1000000 (a goold million))!
Need more than 50,000 models, to achieve the goal.
Welcome any thoughts about (shops, forums, communities etc) where i can get 10 or 100 or 10000 on N models.


a few you can add:


jdollus, thank you for that wonderful list


Two million 3d models at search engine

Good news! We have reached our goal!

There are more than 2 million 3d models in the index of our search engine.
Thanks to your support the number of models increases and grows every day. The total amount of models can be viewed on the main page http://3dmdb.com

Cheers and thanks for help.


All Universe is in our 3d search engine. The Solar system, the Earth, the Moon


And here are some more SketchUp models: https://sketchucation.com/shop/models


3d models’ search engine 3dMdb.com came in the second place in the number of indexed models. Our competitor - not a search engine - contains 4 000 000 models. This is mean that we’ll soon become the leaders in this field with your help! Only 959,485 models left! Add your work to the search engine index. We work without commission.


If you are knocked down in search of Santa, we have for you 1074 Santa Claus. All 3d models of the world are here.


Dear friends! We’re happy to congratulate you with Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Thank you that you’re choosing 3dMdb 3d models’ search engine, guys. In the new year so many surprises waiting for you.


Do you have a snowy winter this year? More 3d snow and 3d winter on the 3d models search engine.


There are more than 11 thousands of 3d human body on the 3dmdb.com search engine, guys!


There are more than 116 000 of the car models available for download on 3dmdb.com search engine. 20 000 of 3d models of sports car are among them. All 3d models of the world is on 3dmdb.com


We’ll found for you all 3d different cartoon models from the web on the 3dmdb search engine.


thanks for your effort dhankesari Techfint


Very nice
Would it be possible to add our new 3d marketplace to it too?
you can find it at www.cgifans.com

Thank you


Nice job. I’d suggest making the search box on top while scrolling, so it won’t disappear.
Also, I’d suggest automatically loading more results instead of clicking a “next page” button, like Google do.