3d model search engine


Hi all.

I would like to introduce my new 3d model search engine.http://3dmdb.com/ - 3d model database.

Its like a google, but for 3d models.

Need your feedback.


Very nice and Thanks!


Very Nice!

Would it be possible to add Design Connected to your data base.

I think they are a good source.

Thanks again.


for future development, it would be nice if you had some measure of sorting capability with the search results.
Have you considered adding a site submission option on your main page so other model databases/resources can be suggested by users/owners? Of course, It would have to be curated for quality.

Probably want to add the one autodesk recently bought as well:


thanx a lot its help me to find models in one place


Just tried it out! Dude, thanks alot. :applause:


Pretty nice!
Some kind of filtering would be nice, of course. Price should be easy, but file formats would be nice to. And a quick preview, which site the model comes from could be usefull, too.
Those additional infos could be visible in a mouse over, for example.
Are you going to make money with this? And are you cooperating with the model sites?


Really nice work! I am going to use this a lot.

Well Done, Mate!


Thank you. Sure i will add Design Connected.



Price filtering coming soon. Not sure about model format, it hard to collect this information. Anyway you can always convert from one format to another.

Preview with mouse over is also coming.

I think i will get some money from donation or from ad.
I didn’t cooperate with any shop, but i will. Its possible to increase search quality, if i will get more structured data.


You could submit your favorite shop to info@3dmdb.com.

Submission is coming soon.


https://clara.io/ will comming soong


Absolutely fantastic. Thank you. This will be enormously handy.

Would it be possible, at some future date, to add sorting options? The most obvious would be by price, but by file type would also be handy.

Even without it, this is awesome. Thank you


Please pay no attention to my previous post. I should have read all of the comments before posting. I see everything I suggested has been suggested by others.


AWESOME! :bounce: Thank you so much. Where has this been all my life? :buttrock:


Really nice engine, Thanks for the effort.


Hi there,

Please add my store to your search engine!


It is mainly architecture models for Cinema4d and other professional packages, now there is only a few models, but it is growing, very soon more exciting city models will appear.

ps. Good idea for an exclusive model search engine! congrats :applause:


Hi. Sure. We will add http://www.whitemagus3dmodels.com/.

Nice shop.



How many models do you have?
Its look like 4?


Its 5 at the moment, for C4D they are complete scenes and in obj and fbx mainly the models!
But, yes, there are 2 that are very similar, they only change in height of the buildings and in the pavements, the design is the same, so I can understand why you say 4. If you stack them all in a row it would become a huge avenue.
I am just finishing another serie of 4 models now (highrise city blocks kits, low poly, high quality, they can be used in conjunction with the avenue ones), I think this week I will finish them, and I have quite a few that I need to refurbish according to the quality standards of the site and upload, all architecture and urban design models, except a few…