3D model - Predator


Inspired by “Alien versus predator” that comes out 13th August , i decided to start modeling the hero predator . Maybe later i will start on the Alien :slight_smile:
C&C are apriciated


how about setting the chmod parameter for us? :smiley:


Whats going on with this topic? Its asking for a name and pasword and your image isn’t showing up.

Edit: great to see the images. :slight_smile:


jeah i guess he didnt ste the permission for us to see the pic …


yeah I would love to see it if we can, repost…


Sorry about that guys , i thought i got rid of that on that folder , ok it works now .:thumbsup:
and i am going to post updates on the mask tommorow :slight_smile:


wow looks pretty good and detailed,

could you perhaps show us a wire and the reference? i guess the eyes are a bit too small…



looking good, might be nice if the mouth was hollow, can’t wait to see it textured.


Update :
Finished the nose , minor fixes on the mouth


there you go, looking sweet. What are you using as reference? Please post some wires , cant wait to see the helmet… keep at it.


Helmet done, just needs the dark glass that covers the eyes and has the multi visions build in it :slight_smile:


Wires of the helmet


wires on IT2 - helmet


Wires of the face


Wires on IT2 -face


REF for the face


And ref of the helmet , whitch i modified to look like AVP instead od the Predator movies , theres 7 different masks that the predators have

Common guys , give me more critz please


Why isnt anyone replying :sad:


Don’t be so impatient…:slight_smile:

I think it’s a great start U’ve got here, the mod seems to be clean and respectfully to the original…Good work…I haven’t some crits to make on it

So keep working and updating


Thanks , i am currently in a search for body refs , hard to find them