3D Max to Zbrush (im sorry)


Hi sorry for this question… I know its been covered a million times and ive been reading Threads for the past hr now (i thought i had a good under standing) and ive totally blagged my own head. My idea of the work flow was (Im new to Zbrush used MAX for yrs)…

1.Low poly model in max (quick for me to get form)
2.Sort the UVs out (apparently they dont have to be dont at this point)
3. Import .OBJ and sculpt away.
(this is where im now confused)
4. create normal map
5. Bake map in 3D Max on low poly model.

Ive now read you have to
4. export a low poly and the mid poly from zbrush and put into max,
5. retopologise and then
6. bake a map

Im lost… can anyone help.

Also just had a thought… if my mesh is subd should i just delete the turbo smooth and export to zbush and do a quick smooth… or do i collapse the stack and export that?? God im a noob at Zbush


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