3D Max SDK AddRollupPage in C#



I’ve been struggling some time trying to make a simple Utility Plugin in C#. The plugin works fine and shows a Windows Form correctly (as example), but I cannot make a proper use of the “AddRollupPage” method that inserts some UI in the command panel of 3D Max. Every documentation I can find is in C++, making use of the classic Dialog Editor and resources of C++. Wich, as far as I know, can’t be used in C#. All I can find shows something like this in C++:

void UtilitySample::BeginEditParams(Interface* ip,IUtil* iu)
this->iu = iu;

hPanel = ip->AddRollupPage(


ip->PushPrompt(_M(“Hello World from Lesson 1. Called from BeginEditParams()”));

-“MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_PANEL)” is the dialog template. Made with the C++ Dialog Editor and referenced with a macro also not available in C#

Is it even possible to create somthing like a “rollup” or any kind of dialog in C# for de Max SDK that can be inserted in the Max’s command panel?

Thanks in advance!