3D Max or Blender


3D max studio standard Blender no studio uses it but good for self employment. 3D max too expensive to keep or buy but if I get good at it then I cant do anything to my work.
But in Blender if I get good I can sell my work but if I get employed by a studio that seen my blender portfolio. They use 3d max then i’ll have to learn 3d max from scratch. If Im not up to speed in time then I could get fired which isn’t fair because I would have shown that I’m capable of doing amazing work in blender.

I’m stuck in this decision.


It’s not that complex what you are thinking. I’ve never experienced any issue among team members if using different tools, like 3ds Max, Maya or Cinema 4D … I have been working with different teams using multiple tool. I “WAS” a 3ds max guy and now blender. We share work, Modeling in done by all individuals, but rendering is done on one system. We share “models” in any compatible formats like FBX, Collada or OBJ etc.

So what you have to do is … simply keep developing in Blender and become a master in it.! . In you new job, if guys are wokring in 3Ds max and rendering in VRAY or IRAY then you can model 3D objects in Blender, the they can use them in 3Ds max. nothing to worry about.

Also keep in mind… modeling in Blender (what i experienced) is quite faster than 3Ds MAX… so your co-workers will start learning Blender instead you start learning 3ds max.!!!

Best of LUCK.



Have a look at this… http://www.bforartists.de/


im using blender for ages and we also use it at work, so can you tell us a bit more about the advantages of this blender version?
are you working on this? using it? why would you use it over the official blender version?


So probably you don’t need Blender for Artists.

It’s mainly for artists who find Blender too different from other 3D packages. Otherwise, under “the hood” it’s the same as the official Blender.


Yes I agree but in most job advertisments the recruiter says for example you must be efficient in this particular 3D software so you have to use what the company says to use I’m assuming so.
I didn’t know you could transfer your blender model/animation into 3d max for another person to work on it?


in my very early days in professional field in 2002, I applied for a job as graphic desinger for a magazine. I was called for an interview in a very small company. The HR department guy said before interview began… do you know quarkxpress? I said no. He replied… hmmm may be you won’t get job. because it’s first priority. I was silent. When I was called to the interview room. I was asked the same question and I answered… Are you more concern to the output quality or tools. And they said output quality. then why only quarkxpress… ? and you know what they replied…that made me LOL…
they said. .“We have seen great stuff done in quarkxpress” … :applause: (perhaps they found a new tool and thought guys have done great work because of new tool etc)

I said… do you know how titanic movie was made?

they all said with one word… 3Ds MAX … (while that was not used at all, and they would have answered because they were only familiar with one 3D software).

Till a few years back, many of 3D guys used to think that blender is because free, so how can a quality be produced in a free application. ?

. If you have created a handful portfolio with the excellent quality done in BLENDER, then be confident. The relevant department will be impressed.

Also do tell them, never stay stick with one application only!.

Do you know how many applications were used for Avatar?
20+ softwares Autodesk, Adobe, Houdini, Foundry, Eyeon, Zbrush, Mudbox, lightwave, and many more and countless plugins were used for each platform.

Also… How would they use 3Ds max on MAC??? :smiley: never, then they would have to convert for MAYA.

I was impressed by one movie. done in blender

Soooner or later, you will see blender is one of the leading application in 3D industry.


honestly, for simplicity sake you should just use MAX.
they you have the widest employment opportunities available.

Just get the free student version and it’s just as free as blender is!
so why use blender then?

Also, as someone mentioned, it’s not hard to switch to another package later.
but definitely not all studios will accept a blender user. Though some will.


I had changed 3dsmax for Blender even in studio work. Most of the modern things you can do in 3dsmax you can do in Blender. Blender was kind of strange in early versions (<2.5) but nowadays it’s pretty solid and keep growing on.
Anyway your professional skills as 3d artist not a knowledge of apps are value, Learn that software that you can get for now. And it’s not that scary to learn new tools. modeling, texturing, rigging … - it’s all about the same in any 2d/3d editors.

p.s.: just checked Bforartists - it has really cool buttons but it’s really better to flow with official build of blender if we talking about using it in studio and for education. Too many modification in workflow and this attempt to make blender less complex in reality makes it much more complex.


Hi guys,

This could be interesting to read … http://joelhowe.com/post/159543452772/3ds-max-2017-to-blender.


blender is getting traction in studios Amazon’s the man in the high castle used Blender as their main 3d app for the VFX on that show.

i bought a fully CG animated movie DVD called Ozzy that was 100% blender.