3D Max 6 Render Farm Plugin - CartoonReyes


Dear All;

I am just building a small scale of 3DMAX6 server farm for my work to speed up the render process. Everything works smoothly but I do face one problem. When I submit the job that
requires cartoonreyes renderer to the server farm, the server complains the missing cartoonreyes dll. This makes sense because the server may also needs a plugin for that.
Will that solve my problem if I purchase a cartoonreyes plugin license and install in one server?
What kind of license do I have to buy from cartoonreyes? Some people said I may have to buy a net render license as well??
Let say if I only have 2 computers that using cartoonreyes as renderer and submit the job to the server farm. How many licenses do I have to buy?

Thank you for your opinion!!!^^




I can’t speak specifically to Cartoon Reyes, but you should set up a common directory that all machines share for plugins. This way, you copy your Cartoonreyes.dll to that directory, make sure all the machines look to that folder and it should work. It’s all explained in the documentation for max. I’ve setup network rendering farms this way and it works. The only node limited stuff I’m aware of, is Mental Ray.

Hope this helps.


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