3D Max 2018 Advice


Hi All!

I will apologize if this conversation has already been had. But I have just recently upgraded to 3D Max 2018 (recently used 2014 due to work not upgrading until now :frowning: , a massive jump i know!) . So my knowledge of using ART and Arnold renderer is little.

Our line of work is primarily creating renders on a white studio background set up, with having the opportunity from time to time to create an interior scene. Which is better to use? ART or Arnold?

Today I have been having a go at using Arnold renderer, but having trouble with and finding it really slow. Tutorials I have found, I am finding the image is appearing much more lighter than my scenes…to get it remotely lighter I am having to increase settings quite high…is this a common thing? am I needing to change something in the system settings? or does anyone know of any good tutorials I should follow?

Thank you in advance, any help or advice is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Afaik Arnold can be optimized but is generally slow with complex GI. Its production proven, customizable and reliable - just probably not as suitable as V-Ray / Corona / Fstom / whatever for interiors. It also works kind of like a real life camera so you’ll need to play with exposure / tone mapping settings too.

That said I think your studio set ups should be quite fast with Arnold - Note please, I am not a user but I do watch Arnold tutorials.

I wonder what you’ve used before, Mental Ray?