3D Interactive CGPortfolio challenge - Dec 30th 2013 - Jan13th 2014


Welcome to our newsiest CGPortfolio upload challenge - just in time for the new year. This one is easy! You just need to upload a finished 3D model to the Verold 3d interactive viewer, and add it to your CGPortfolio by Monday January 20th at midnight PST.

Once you’ve done this, your model will be added to our gallery here .

There are no criteria for creating your model, other than it must be in 3D, and it must have been uploaded into Verold and placed in your CGPortfolio . So a great opportunity to make something completely new, or to finish and upload something you’ve been working on for awhile.

We’re fortunate to have recruited a couple of awesome judges - Sony Santa Monica’s Katon Callaway , and Schell Games’ John DeRiggi . Verold’s Mike Bond, formerly Lead Game Designer at Tecmo Koei Canada, has joined us as a third judge. At the end of the competition period, they’ll each pick their favourite piece and give reasons for their choices (and their decisions are final!)

Winners will receive a free 1 year CGSConnect membership (giving advertising free viewing of their CGPortfolios), a free Ballistic Book of their choice and a CGTraining-on-Demand tutorial of their choice.

Happy New Year and happy modelling! Post questions in this thread if you need to, and you’re welcome to post links to your newly uploaded models.


Hi All,

I’d also suggest checking out the getting started guide for artists on the Verold website. We’ve put a lot of work into the engine over the last two years, and you’ll be amazed at how full-featured it is. Your models and animations will look great in real-time, in the browser!

You can also reach us anytime with questions or comments here on the forum, or by email to info@verold.com.

Good luck!



Hi all,

The gallery page for the contest is now live.

There’s only one entrant so far, so get your models uploaded for an excellent chance to win a prize.




Verold looks amazing, that is definitely a game changer for presenting your models. It seems like your using similar technology to unity plug-in or the KeyShotVR. Regardless, amazing sight and I"m signing up asap. Thanks :beer:



Yes - very similar technology to Unity3d, though running on WebGL in the browser rather than OpenGL through a plugin.

Happy to have you onboard, and looking forward to seeing what you create!



very cool. so is Verold a plug-in that can be used on modellers own websites?


Yes, absolutely! The Verold embed works like Youtube, can be placed on any website.



Hi all,

I’m just sending out a reminder to get your 3D models into Verold Studio and then embedded in your portfolio projects in the next 4 days to be entered into the contest. Even old projects are eligible as long as you embed a Verold model.

So don’t miss your opportunity to add your project to the gallery and be entered to win.



Thanks for the post!


I was about to publish my 3d work in 3D mini challenge. I dont know how to do it some says its due on jan 13 and some say 20th…



I was unsure of the correct procedure for posting to my CG Portfolio, so I decided to upload a .jpg of the image (a few texture differences exist; but overall a great concept turned vivid and real Verold!) to my CG Portfolio. Enjoy!


Hi all -

The competition has been extended to finish tonight (20th) at midnight. All you need to do is put your work into Verold (like you have done). Then go into your CGPortfolio, create a project based on the same work, and embed the Verold link.


It’s not hard - if you hurry you can still make the deadline!


Verold, very nice tool! It’s really interesting to see other people models online.


I couldn’t add it to the gallery. I think it was too late…

edit: fixed link


Hi - not too late! It will self-add to the gallery - it just might take a few hours to show up :slight_smile:


I uploaded mine about 36 hours ago and it hasn’t shown up in the gallery.



It’s there, Darrolm :slight_smile:

The competition is now closed - here is the final gallery. It’s with the judges now.



And…We have our first winner!

Judge Katon Callaway selected a piece by Rodrigo Goncalves, “Toy Art Fighters.”

Katon chose this piece because, “First off it makes me laugh, he has such a funny look on his face. The use of shape and color work really well in this piece, and doing it with such simplicity can be very difficult. In the end I thought it was a great piece that is a lot of fun!”

Here’s the 3D Verold version


And you can see the rest of Rodrigo’s CGPortfolio here .

Judge John De Riggi selected as his favourite piece “A Stroke of Luck”, by Carlos Ortega Elizalde :

John chose this piece because it, "tells a great little story all in one image. The personality in the face, sultry posture, and excellent stylized anatomy along with the simple but strong color palette immediately creates a sense of devilish innocence. Great piece all around!

And the Verold 3D version


And the final judge, Mike form Verold, selected Igor Miroshnichenko 's Stone Golem

He says, “It’s not only a really nicely-designed character but it’s also very professionally decimated into an efficient, real-time model. On top of that, he’s made great use of the Studio to bring the character to life with lighting, materials and animations. I think it’s the perfect example of how to take your assets and setup an efficient, great-looking scene in Verold Studio.”

Here’s the Verold version:


Congratulations Igor, Carlos and Rodrigo! You’ve each won free CGSConnect membership for 12 months, a free CGTraining-on-demand of your choice, and a free Ballistic Book of your choice. We’ll be in contact with you to tell you how to claim your prizes.


Awesome! :scream: Thank you so much CGsociety and Verold for such a great opportunity to participate in this Mini Challenge between such awesome artists! Thanks Katon and congrats to all participants. :thumbsup:


Thanks. I’ve really found a use of this contest! )


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