3D image


I want some tips for my new 3D model… and some constructive crits

C you


Sorry to keep harping on you, but the model is not really well lit enough for a fair critique. The harsh shadowing could be hiding numerous wonderful details, or numerous terrible flaws. Given an evenly lit subject, I’d gladly give comment.

From what I can see, it looks like you could tone down the glossiness on the skin material. Along with the harsh lighting, it’s one more thing that tends to hide the geometry underneath.

Additionally, you should be aware that you could simply have edited your previous post to update the image link, rather than start a whole new thread:)


Maybe u should post a screen-shoot of the model as is seen at your modeling app, cause the image u’ve posted is too dark to apreciate the model… or… try to lit it better. :wink:

Pos eso… que me voy a bcn el proximo año… j0j0j0…


best way to crit a model…

show 3 shots:

  • 3/4 frontal persp
  • profile
  • 3/4 rear persp (from opposite side than the frontal persp)

a wireframe and render of each camera angle…

and light it well…

main, back and fill lights…

good luck!



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