3D illustration futuristic industrie, quentin mabille (3D)


great!:thumbsup: very cool!


Great Job on this. You are a master beyond myself. Please take a look at my site so you can belittle me :confused: 3DSMaxOnline.com


Wow, this is awesome. I love the raw style and talent!


Are you planning to share any higher resolution versions for wallpaper use? :stuck_out_tongue: Truly amazing work. Nothing else to say!


totally love it. great mood and lightning.


Awesome A+ , but I really hope the future finds a better way to cap pollution than this! haha.


this is simply amazing , and yeah some wireframe would be really appreciated , keep up the great work :beer:


Very good use of textures! Nice work buddy! :applause:


awesome work man! I love the colors and the overall mood of this piece…
keep up this high quality work!


Really really great work


what a great matt ! very good work !
…but… no reflect on the water… ?


great work, like it very much !!!


Spectacular blend of modeling, painting, and the use of photos… +5 stars from me as well.


Amazing work. Really fantastic. I don’t find it dark at all. it is just industrial. The light is beautiful.


waw :cool: very very nice Excellent image


wow that is really cool :bowdown:


Just Amazing! The Detail you’ve put in the city is so overwhelming plus the contrast between the colours are just excellent. Great Job

5* Keep it UP


I quite agree with most here, this is a very good futuristic picture. (According to googles translator, what i mean to say is this: Votre photo est super :slight_smile:


i like your work```
it’s really good``
i can’t do that
i like role more!


very beautiful work