3D illustration futuristic industrie, quentin mabille (3D)


thx for all comments, that verry dificult for me to replie cuz i have a very bad english but i’am going to try:

all structure are build in 3D but not the white building, the smoke is a matt work with photo i found on google image, i have make mistake cuz that in reallity a matt painting not really a 3D illustration, but i have a lot of 3D render, many many render, and the water, the smoke, the fog and the light are a matt work not create in 3D because for one frame that not intersting to create that in 3D, for the texturing of 3D model i map with boxmapping or cylindricalmapping, shader was verry simple just reflection no bump. if i thinking that more right to say : 60% timework in 3DSmax, and 40% timework in photoshop.

hope you understand cuz i am so bad in english :banghead:



great work:thumbsup: many compliments!!!


Excellent composition! Very much it is pleasant. 5 stars from me.


super cool.worth frontpage


Excellent work! :bowdown:
Very good the many-many detail! NICE picture!!!


Very nice work! Love the detail.


Great environment! Congrats!


wow…thats really a nice piece of work m8…
great compositing…

5* from me…


Ecoute, ça déchire !
Félicitation pour la première page !
Beau job !


Good work and I really like the composition


Amazing work Beautiful render
Would u ike to share your light setting and rendering setting


brilliant image!


define finesse…:slight_smile:
the thing that i like most is the amount of shadow/light
great work dude!


Magnifique boulot, bravo!



Hard work paid off! Congrats - it’s so detailed and beautiful scene. So creative… The color palette, lights and materials are beautiful!


fantastic work of art!
can we have a wireframe please?


ps : sorry for my very bad english…


Well done.:applause:


Excellent image & the best part is it looks like it could be real in the not -too -distant future. Well done & look forward to seeing more images from you soon.


really nice work looks so realistic!