3D illustration futuristic industrie, quentin mabille (3D)


Title: 3D illustration futuristic industrie
Name: quentin mabille
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

hello i have create this matt for my personnal portfolio.
80% 3D on max and vray, 10% paint; 10% photo.
i hope you like because i work very hard.

here the HD :


ps : sorry for my very bad english…


Amazing piece of work ! love it…great way to show us how our future is goiing to looks like :slight_smile:

Btw can you post wire mb? :slight_smile:

oh and 1 more think…the city in background on left upper corner looks like it was flying… :slight_smile:


Incredible render with amazing details - it truly looks like having been a lot of work. Are all those little cars down there all modelled? 5*+

One critic must be: CO2 emissions :curious:


Amazing stuff, the rythms and the ambiance are so great, five star for me!!
I wait impatiently your next work.:thumbsup:


great work man:thumbsup: 5 stars from me


Well done bro !

This is just the kind of pictures that fits me ! just a way dark, hopeless…
I really wonder what kind of human are living in that world.

I really enjoy the importance you give to details and the contrast of colors between anthracite gray and the orange colored light in the right corner.

I’m so proud of you, just go ahead !



looking fantastic, good luck with future projects :wink:


I’m very very big fan of your job !
This picture is so fantastic !
I love it. Ambiance is travel me in a fantastic world of technologic and amaising colors. I enjoy to look at all the details !
I hope to see your next hard work !!
Sincerly !

ps: sorry for my very bad english !


great work man! :thumbsup:


This awesome piece of image, great model, textures, shaders and lighting. Excellent.


i just love this one.
awesome piece of cg work.
all the best, pal.


woah perfect! one of the best cityscape i have ever seen. Can you please send wireframe of the same shot. Gratz


amazing pic


Man,5 stars work.
Really like it.And really like to know something about your workflow,for example,what parts are cg,and what parts are painted.
Would you be nice enough to tell me something?:rolleyes:


This looks fantastic, really great job man. :smiley:


wow!Amazing pic!! :thumbsup:
5 * from me~


amazing work & very good detalis i like

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


my desktop background :slight_smile:



Fantastic work! Is all the smoke 3d?


Amazing work. That’s really great, i love your 3D style, the effect on the water and for the lights. I think that work took many time to you. Congratulation for this work again :).