3D Head - The Tick


ive not done a head before, mostly just crappy object but i just had to try my favorite character, im happy with how it turned out, i know its not perfect, well far from it, but it was a learning experience,
ill probally attempt to do differnt expression later, but this is as much as i can do for modeling, without messing it up, and since i cant do textures i slaped on some very simple colors,

let me know what you all think


looks nice, but i think it would look better (or more like the tick cartoon) if you made the chin sqarer.


I loved those tick cartoons.
I love your model looks just like him. You could work on the nose, a little more defination perhaps?
When you are done could you please put a wireframe?


hope it dosent count as a wip since i did a small nose adjustment,

but i played with the nose just a little bit, ive never done any form of facil features, so its hard to know what the mesh will do, my mesh isnt very clean, but its much cleaner then my old ones
also im not to sure the best way to show a wire frame, so i rendered it with a texture and checked wire

this is a facil expression test, lol not use to this type of thing, and it also would appear i didnt model him to move his face around to easily, but iu learned a few more things


great work man!!!

awesome improvement since the last works i seen from you


Anyone have any sugestions on where i should loook to gain a bit of info on rigging a face, im not sure the best way to do it,


Looks nice, the teetch are a bit weird though. I would suggest morph target for the facial setup. Try looking through the rigging forums for tips.


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