3d Fractals In 3dsmax & Maxwell, Magnus Ronnkvist (3D)


Title: 3d Fractals In 3dsmax & Maxwell
Name: Magnus Ronnkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max


Here’s a recent rendering i did with 3dsmax and Maxwell. The fractal meshes i created with a program called Xenodream, then i exported these to 3dsmax for a simple scene i built and then they were ofcourse rendered with Maxwell Render there. I let it render for 12 hours while i were busy sleeping and other stuff :slight_smile:
Here it is…

/ Max


redigt snyggt! :slight_smile:

as I said in swedish this is really nice! this must be the best rederer there is! but it’s not a nice rederer to do test rederings in… hehe


Tjena Neo :slight_smile: and thanx for your reply.
Maxwell Render is really nice to work with, and u can do testrenders with it… if you got some patience heh.
I’m not sure why it doubleposted the image in my post :frowning: i must have done something wrong… typical eh on my first post on here.

/ Max


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