3D for real ???


What do you guys/gals think of this ???



To be fair to the site hosting I’ve changed the above so you have to click to view…


Looks like an acrylic painting to me.



I don’t understand the purpose of this thread?

It looks very 3d to me.



That’s 3d. I believe it was in the POV-ray gallery some time ago. Why did you post this here?


I’m voting this thread a 1.


If you can’t tell that the picture is a CG image, then there is nothing more for us to say to each other.

And what is up with all the weak threads these last few weeks? It seems like since the new update all of the good ones dried up.


I like how you’re leeching that image.


The reason I did put this here is cos’ I didn’t think it was 3D to be honest, it’s 4 years old and is as I realise now a fantastic render…

I know it’s the artist and not the tools that creates good work, but of all the works I have seen here regarding architecture they definitely look more CG than this, maybe that’s just my opinion…

As for leeching this picture, what d’ya mean ??? The link is from the POV-ray site not mine…

Sorry if you peeps think this is a lame post…


This is not a lame post, whats lame is Balistic’s avatar :thumbsup: (kidding).

I thought it was real until I got a better look at the second closest building (can see the textures repeat). But stuff like that does blow my mind and especially the details like the bird on the street light.


that looks good, but i think it could use some dirrtyness to the textures, its an awsome pic :slight_smile:


As for leeching this picture, what d’ya mean ??? The link is from the POV-ray site not mine…
I believe he’s talking more about the bandwidth leeching by linking the image.

But it’s still a really nice image.


You shouldn’t embed images that you aren’t hosting yourself, unless they are from a big site that isn’t going to be bothered by the extra traffic.

Povray.org probably doesn’t have bandwidth to burn.


“3D for real”

3d, but I thought (like DesignDawg) that it was a painting…

realy good though, I like it alot


And the point of that is ??? Fair play to ya, some peeps think it’s lame, some maybe not, your choice at the end of the day but why talk about it in this thread ??? Do you not have any useful contribution ???

I was fooled like a few peeps here, it’s 4 years old and while I like many architecture renderings from CGTalk, I’d go as far to say that this is prob. the best architecture rendering that I’ve seen for realism and for something that is rendered using POV-ray…


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