3D Fluff Octane 2020 Tutorial Video


My mum always said, “When life gives you inordinate amounts of spare time locked in a house during a pandemic, make training videos”. Those were wise words which I stick by to this very day. So my loss of freedom is your gain. I’m giving away the first 50 minutes of the full video package for free; an introduction to Octane 2020’s lighting system:

If you like that and would like to cover more topics, there is a 5.5 hour bundle which goes over the tools I think you will genuinely need on a day to day basis without any messing around:

25% off until I’m allowed to leave the house using the code “toiletroll”
Compatible with Octane 4.00, 2019 and 2020 with Cinema 4D R15-R21 (recorded with R21 and Octane 2020)


Just wanted to mention it here: Bought it and worked through it this weekend. Great Stuff, entertainingly designed, reduced to the essential and all in all a round beginners’ course for octane noobs and and medium advanced users. Thanks a lot.

And being German, I kind of like the British accent… sounds kind of nice, kind of a relaxed academic style. :wink: