3d environmental stills for a demo


This is a series of 3d stills for my environmental demo, using Maya,Unreal 3, and Cs4.
everything was design,modeled,textured,light,etc. by me with the exception of #4 which is an actual church in venice.
There are alot of gaming compaines here in Austin and I would really love to have a awesome demo that I can feel confident about when I submit it in to one of them.
any type of critiquing, suggestions, comments would really help
I need another set of eyes to look at them and point out maybe something I am not seeing, or something that I might have not thought about.


the black and blue was the color scheme I was trying for on this particular one.


I was going for a pure white and cold,dreary setting for this one. I wanted the town to look unfriendly.


This one was the santa maria della salute in venice, I was trying to make in a clean and clear blue and white.


thanks to the two that clicked on the needs more work,
not to sound ungrateful or anything but where?
over all layout?
more props?
If I knew the answer to these I would not have posted or asked an opinion poll.
again not to sound ungrateful.


I’d say the first thing that sticks out to me are the textures. They are too blurred, stretched and overall way too low resolution. You also have a lot of obvious tiling going on.


The first one is great, the second one is ok the lighting is little off, the third one looks kind of like RE4 it gets the creepy factor done right but is seems to be missing something. The last one how ever the texturing just seems really off and the models seem off a bit. If it were to be redone I think it would be really good


1: Muddy textures, it looks like you used bumps rather than normal maps on the stones of the column, and building. While bumps are fine for that kind of thing, it looks like you have the distortion WAY too high which is leading to what appears to be a sloppy job. If you are trying for low resolution geometry that is fine, however, in order to ‘up the ante’ you may consider using a wider range of textures and upping the resolution of the image, not the geometry.

With the high levels of detail in the foliage it just puts the viewer off when they look at the lower detail buildings.

2: The ‘pings’ on the light shade look a bit on the harsh side. This one also suffers from a lack of detailed textures, particularly on the buildings. One suggestion I would have would be to pick a texture size and work with it. I’m not sure if these are rendered out of your modeling software or an actual game engine. You can download UDK for free, learn that and pull your renders, you can use some of the tools in there to dynamically update textures to get the feeling you are looking for. Ultimately the strengths here are the lighting, but it falls apart on the texture work.

3: This one suffers from many of the issues cited in the prior pieces. I’d recommend updating the geometry and placing it a bit higher res. Unless your looking at putting a title on a portable device such as a droid or ipad. Even then, you can up the resolution quite a bit and the texture detail to get a more ‘realistic’ image.

4: Again, this one seems to be disconnected from the rest of what’s going on. It appears as if the building in the center is of much HIGHER quality than the rest of the scene. This creates a disjointed sense in the viewer. Consider upping the quality and detail in the buildings that are moving forward. Some depth of field to fade the lower resolution buildings in the background may improve the overall drama of the scene.

Hope that’s what you were looking for. At the end of the day, I would spend quite a bit more time working through these images, levels, and models to up the quality, and depth of the images.


thanks grashock, since the post I decided to relearn texturing in udk by following chris albeliuhn’s tutorials most of the stuff on his page is stuff I never knew you could do in unreal’s editor. so the town I am just going to retexture in a few weeks and the forest I am just going to scrap because there is too much work to redo.
thanks again


The environments looks too low res even for current gen console.

If you are making a demo reel, doesn’t it make sense to go for more details.

For me, I would make a good high detail environment, then 4 average ones.


Hi man,
good efforts so far but I believe you will need to re work your scenes to make them stand out from your competition.
Modeling wise you could add a lot more detail and variation. Also for a portfolio you would want to show off that you know how to model cleanly so wire frames of either the scene and or separate assets will get you far (if built correctly of course)

The biggest issue I see next to what the others have already stated are the colors of your scene. both overall and in seperate materials.
Try to look at current gen games, or their concept art. For almost every environment you will find that they have a distinctive color scheme going on. That does not only carry through the texture colors but also through the shadows, midtones and hihglights of your scene. Painting in oil/acrylics from life is the best teacher to get those concepts.
Also make sure the colors your pick are natural for themselves. For example in shot 4 the water is way too “water color” check what water looks like in real life and what it looks like in games. there are common techniques.
If you are sing unreal 3 you want to use its full potential. Put in depth fog which will give a nice haze to the scene, tinting and desaturating objects far away from the camera (adds a lot of believability). Dont be afraid to use post process volumes, they are great to add color and unify the whole scene!

good luck mate


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