3d Environment: Elapsing, Chen Qingfeng (3D)


Title: 3d Environment: Elapsing
Name: Chen Qingfeng
Country: China
Software: VIZ

this is my newest work,i want make it other color style,i named it with elapsing,hoe you like it
modeled by VIZ4,rendered by lightscape3.2,less work in photoshop6.render time:2hours for 4000pix.

thanks for any suggestion


Hello! This looks very realistic.The lighting and architecture are amazing to me!Very good work Chen!:thumbsup:


very good work…:thumbsup:




it is great work, nice job. i think i’ve seen this scene before in one of Jacky Chen’s movie.


you sure?but it’s concept from one small photo


:applause: Good idea to move between two >>>building…

nice image:thumbsup:


i think it looks great. one way to improve on it would be to break up the worn-out/darker texture area at the bottom left of every window. maybe separate it as a dirt-map and paint different areas so its not as uniform as it is now. like the old-style render, good work!


i agree. nice atmosphere and textures but needs more variety…


Might I suggest less grittyness? It’s sharp pixelated look makes it very CG-ish.
Nice job otherwise.


Wow! Nice stuff man! Awesome work! :thumbsup:


yes,i will try change it back,hehe


i change back with normal pic


Excelent work man! The atmosphere of the scene is great. Reminds me a little of the City 17 scenery from Half Life 2.


wow man nice work . superb lighting n composition … G8 WORK !!
one personal opinion windows are looking lil odd …is it me only ?

anyways very nice work !!cheerS


yes,these windows can not be open:)


Great done job. It’s feels like strange old factory.
I like the enviroment.


Wow…I realy like this. It gives me some strange feelings when looking at it. Great job!


As always one excellent modelling and texturing work, the renders are impressives too :thumbsup: .



That’s excellent, it’s Shad Thames, Bermondsey (London street near Tower Bridge) isn’t it? Walked down there many times…


Wow , Man Nice Work … Very Good … :thumbsup:

Welcome :slight_smile: