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I am thinking of having a “Modern Masters” section where Artists with significant experience, both as Artists and as Teachers, may post their tutorials ~ would you be interested in posting there?

I think this would be wonderful for everyone!

Thank you!



I would be more than happy to post there. I have made many free tutorials on a many subjects and I am always happy to contribute to the community as much as I can. Let me know when you are ready.




I have just created the following thread:



I can’t wait to see your posts!

Thank you, :slight_smile:



loocas, that’s REALLY impressive stuff out of max. i’ll admit i have NO idea what i’m doing in max/maya, but coincidentally zbrush, as rebeccas has already mentioned, works much better for me.

jannis, your model is absolutely stunning. it really is. wow. as rebeccas said, i would LOVE to get some insight into how you work and how you tackled such a project.

here's my own attempt at it (it's supposed to be natalie portman :D )



of course far far short of what's been posted, but i'm still learning


thetrianglekid continues to impress me! Great “beginning” ZBrush work! I hope you really take this to the next level! :thumbsup:



For a while, I had an idea to make a detailed study of the human anatomy in 3d. IMO, nice way to learn and understand form and volume. So, here are my beginings:

  • Nice! :thumbsup: But it’d be a great idea to show the names of each bone, so that we can refer to it in other publications as well… So far I only managed to recognize the skull (that was the hardest one :smiley: ), the vertebrae, the thigh bone (not 100% sure thou) and the two bones in our forearm… that’s it…
  • Thank you :slight_smile: Btw: the face you showed is nice, although I think that modeling in ZBrush from scratch is only good for still renders, but for animation the models are completely useless… :cry: Unfortunatelly… but correct me if I’m wrong… I don’t understand ZBrush that much…

This is actually my first project I used ZBrush in:

It’s a game character… well, not this one exactly, since it has aroun 2.5M poly :smiley: but the normal maps will be generated off of it… Hope you like… :thumbsup:


loocas, you’ve got a great model there, I like the details(the arteries) and the face the most. I’m not too sure about the back, it seems that the muscles on the back are going towards the spine instead towards the arms. Can you send us a shot from the back?
P.S. I’m writing down the names ASAP;)



Wow, I am hugely impressed ~ thank you for posting this awesome work! How far have you gotten on your project? It would be great to see the completed version!

Please continue to post more of your work! :slight_smile:


The fact that this is your first ZBrush model is amazing! There are some obvious anatomical problems, but the overwhelming fact is that this is a really cool model.

Hope you post more ZBrush work! I love that program, but haven’t delved into it enough…



Thanks chikos, I’ll post a back view asap… :thumbsup:

  • Thank you! But I’d be very grateful if you could tell me the anatomical problems you see, because that’s what will give me the most…

BUT as for the size of the head, the size of the hands, the muscule exaggeration and the split bicepses = that was a wish from the client! I only do what they ask me to do, since it’s a commercial project :wink: no matter if it’s reallistic or correct…

And here are the screenies:


The legs are great, really powerfull looking;). The only part I beleive that needs a bit tweaking is the shoulder muscle and the area around him. Its exagerated, which is OK, but so exagerated should be the deltoid muscle too, because like this, it look a bit weak compared to the muscles on the shoulder.
Oh and here’s a little update:


The hand is awesome chikos! :thumbsup: And thanks for your crits! I really appretiate it! :smiley:



I did a review of your ZBrush model_Back View ~ let me know what you think. Overall, I think this is a really good model (heck, I couldn’t do it!) but it does need some changes to make it better. These are my opinions only, and are to be taken with a grain of salt. Let me know what you think.

My feet aren’t very good in this image :D, but it’s just to show that the feet should be enlarged a bit to allow the figure to plausibly support his weight.

Also, I am curious to know if ZBrush allows you to import Orthographic Drawings. If so, did you do so in order to complete this model? It would be great to know!

Thank you for posting your work! I look forward to seeing more in the future! :slight_smile:




Your work is beautiful, and I’m really happy you’re posting it here! It’s amazing to see what people are doing.

Waiting for more great posts! :slight_smile:



This is priceless! :buttrock: reaching for my note-book and making notes

Thank you very much rebeccak! :bowdown:

As for my defense:

The client constantly wanted me to scale the head down, also they wanted the muscles to be extremely exaggerated no matter if it’s realistic or not. Also the hair was modeled after the head was done… This is a very non-standard project I work on, since the client obviously doesn’t know what they want, hence the nonsence! :banghead:

As for the achilles, see, I didn’t realize taht! Thank you!, the abdomen vs. back - again, another thing I didn’t realize!

Thank you very much again!!

Ok, now to my progress, I didn’t sculpt it in ZBrush from scratch! Not at all, I actually modeled it in 3ds max (which is my cup’o’tea :wink: ), then I imported it in ZBrush for extreme detail generation and finally I’ll export Normal maps off of the high-res model onto a low-res one which, in the end, will be used in a upcoming game…

Thanks again!! And cheers…


Oh dear - oh dear - oh dear! :smiley:
Rebekka here to help the young and brave 3d artists. Okay here goes. I’m currently working on this model of a male head in Zbrush, and I would love if you would check my proportions for me, and maybe give me a tip or two to define the neck region. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Andersson

The wip thread:

The current stage (this one links to a larger picture with more angles):


hey, loocas,

No problem! Looking at your model, I realized that you probably didn’t do it for yourself (clients ALWAYS mess things up! It’s a guarantee!) because I can see from the first model which you posted that your artistic skills are quite advanced. Why clients were inflicted upon us all, I will never understand :slight_smile: ~ oh, yeah ~ money! :wink:

But I’m thrilled you like the review so much! Your work is awesome (as I say, I’ve sculpted maybe one head in ZBrush and it came out pretty deflicted) so I am in awe of you awesome 3D’ers!!!

If you can, post screen caps from the game which you are working on ~ that would be awesome!

Best of luck :slight_smile:




Just saw your post! Coolness! I love looking at ZBrush work…let me see if I can come up with something to critique…have to get back to you!

Thanks for posting this! Hope to see more of your work on this and other threads. :slight_smile:



Rebeccak if you’re interested…

This is the original warrior model done purely in 3ds max:

As you can see, the anatomy is much better and looks more realistic… Thou the model had already been thru a few client’s requests :rolleyes:

But what you can also see are the terrible thights :blush: I didn’t pay much attention to them for two reasons: 1) they won’t be visible that much and 2) the detail was gonna be obtained in ZBrush…

:slight_smile: please, if you find a spare second, could you make a few notes? I’ll be very grateful!

And one last thing, could you also please PM me with your e-mail address where I can reach you? I have something that you might be interested in… :wink:

Thanks in advance…


Very nice head mate! :thumbsup: I couldn’t do that in ZBrush, therefore you’ve got my admiration… :thumbsup: Keep it up!