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Post for our admiration your best Anatomy-Related Work ~ be it Orthographic Drawings, or Finished Models of Humans or Creatures.


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Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ok, I’d like to post one here…

Credits: this model was made from sketches by Alex Alvarez

I hope it’s related. This was a test and also a practical excercise done in max. I tried to strictly build the mesh so that it’d be possible to achieve full facial expressions - edge loops/rings etc… The mesh was built this dense for a reason as well!



This is so related, it’s not even funny ~ thanks for posting this, it’s awesome! Tell us, do you use ZBrush at all in your work?



Hehe, thank you, I appretiate it :wink:

And as for ZBrush, I don’t use it almost at all, I tend to choose the “harder” way, which is just the way my own workflow works for me, and that is modeling everything in max, I also tend to add a lot of geom. detail, that’s not necessary (depending on a project, I wouldn’t do that if the character was to be rigged and skinned for example!), then I unwrap and paint all the necessary textures/maps in Photoshop, including displacements and bumps. It’s a bit out-dated process, but to be honest, I’m not very good with ZBrush :wink: not at the moment anyway… but I’m planning on learning at least some basics to speed up my workflow a bit (displacements/bumps/normals-wise)…



It would be AMAZING to see what someone like you could do with ZBrush ~ I greatly admire the work of Zack Petroc and think that ZBrush, minus the interface! is a godsend to 2D and 3D artists.

Thanks for posting, I look forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:



Thanks! This is really encouraging! :thumbsup:

If I may…

This is my latest model, I can’t show you the entire mesh, since it’s a commercial work, but I can show you a detail at the arm, where the anatomy plays quite a big role:

You can see the Brachioradials in “action”, also to Extensro Carpi was paid a lot of attention…



NICE! Can you tell us a bit about your background and training?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



One more if I may,

this time it’s a girl’s face:

As you can see, it’s a fantasy character, but it still has to be modeled in a correct way, so on the mesh, you can see the flow of the edges, they should copy the sub-surface muscule structure…

Note: rebeccak, don’t take it as spamming, I’m just trying to get this thread going and learn from others as well, as they start posting their meshes/wires etc… :wink:


Sure, I’m mainly self-taught, but I also finished a Diploma of Screen at CGC in Sydney/Australia. I, as I mentioned before, use 3ds max which I’ve been working with for almost 6 years. I prefer modeling, texturing, materials development and also a lot of technical stuff in terms of rigging things, setting up stuff etc… :slight_smile: I love to study anatomy, mostly human, but animals are interesting as well! That’s why I’m browsing this sub-forum as well! :thumbsup:

Oh btw: Great anatomy stuff you’ve shown in the threads above! Good work! :thumbsup:


I DO NOT take this as spamming ~ I am excited that people with your incredible talent are posting, so keep posting your work!

Must go face the “real” world, but tell a 3D friend there is a new place to showcase their outstanding work!

Thanks for your posts! :slight_smile:



Hehe, ok then :wink:

This is a bit older work of mine, but still, it shows the loops on a human face. This one was imported into modo, if anyone is interested :wink:





The car is beautiful, but I would like to try to keep the thread and forum focused on HUMAN and ANIMAL ANATOMY.

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:



I’m sorry, I thought the topic was about correct topology, I didn’t realize it was about humans/creatures/animals and their anatomy… I’m sorry once again! :banghead: :thumbsup:



lol, no need for apology! Your work is beautiful, and it’s awesome you’re posting it!

All Anatomy-Related work is absolutely welcome! :slight_smile:



I have posted this recently in the 3d Finished work pages. I am very happy to see this forum coming to life as I have a lifelong love of the human body and Human anatomy. I thought I will take the opportunity to show a couple more sides of this model.




WOW! Holy Cow, this is AMAZING!

Thank you for posting this ~ it is GREAT to see work of such a high caliber.

Can you tell us a bit about what program you used, why you did this incredible project, and something about your background / training?

This would be enlightening!

I LOVE the Lacoon Group…now I have two works to admire! :applause:


EDIT: Could you also give us some insight into your working methods? Eg:

  1. How many reference photos did you use, and how did you cope with the problem of differently scaled photos? (since I am assuming you did not take a laptop to the Vatican)…

  2. What gave you the idea / inspiration to do this work?

  3. How long did you spend to complete this piece?

  4. How much did studying from various Anatomical texts come into play in terms of tweaking details of the human form?

  5. Do you use ZBrush at all for figurative work?

  6. How do you see the relationship between 2D and 3D Art?


I used Cinema 4D to model this. This a project I am working at the moment that should develop into a gallery type of production. I can’t say alot more for now.

As for the Laocoon, I just read an artcle that it might in fact be a forgery by Michalangelo which he tried to pass as an original ancient greek sculpture. It kind of made me curious…

My background is traditional scultpure and painting. I studied at the Royal Academy in London and I work in this great city.

Mostly I know work on the computer and 3D but I still have my sculpture studio and do commisions of “real work”.

This is great opportunity with this forum to get poeple involved with life drawing and anatomy and also learning from the masters. In my studio I used to teach how to paint by making copies from the masters. I did make copies in the past of Rembrant, Titian and Rafael among others. I know you have started a thread on this topic. If I find them I will post them there.




You are a true find! Indeed if you come across your master copies, do post them.

I have heard a bit about the Michelangelo theory ~ I’ve always found it hard to swallow that he would just have happened to be near the dig when they discovered the statue and dug it out of the ground ~ how fast could news have traveled in a pre-internet world anyway? ~ but to me the Laocoon Group doesn’t seem that Michelangelo-ish a statue ~ though, of course, if he were emulating the style of the ancient Romans, then who really knows…but the sculpture, and your recreation of it, are indeed profound.

Thank you for posting this, and I hope that you continue to contribute to both the 3D as well as the 2D threads in this forum.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Your [color=lemonchiffon]Website is beautiful ~ perhaps if you had the time, you could post some tutorials ~ any subject you like, be it traditional or digital ~ the community here would REALLY stand to benefit![/color]



Hi, I did not see the edits,

I used maybe five or six pictures of the Laocoon and some from Michalangelo’s David. I wnted to see if indeed there are similarities and to my mind there are.

The idea was that it might be a forgery and the best way to stdy this is to do the sculpture.

I spend about a month in my free time modeling this. I should have spend some time rendering but I had to do payed work…

The only books about anatomy I use these days are Lanteri’s books which I highly recomend.

I use Zbrush alot, but not on this piece. I wanted also to see how far I could push Cinema which is my main app.
I personaly don’t see any distinction between 3D and 2D. I love both apects and both need to feed from drawing.