3d Crab, Fernando Reule / Seagulls Fly (3D)


Title: 3d Crab
Name: Fernando Reule / Seagulls Fly
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

We’ve just finished an illustration of a 3D crab compounded on a photograph and so…well, here it is.

and here’s some close-ups…

comments and critics are very very welcome!
Thanks a lot!
Seagulls Fly


excellent integration. The texturing and shading is top noch.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


simply 5 star works! vote vote vote.
the crab is just out beyond the 3d world.
great job.


Excellent job! Superb!

Frontpage stuff! :thumbsup:


Looks very nice! The shading and lighting is working very good. Can’t see the closeup images though…



Very nice job,really good lighting and model,so crazy ! 5 Stars! :0 :slight_smile:


Perfect work. ****


cool picture!


very gr8 work!

it looks like the octopus, from another user (don´t remember the name)

please post more pix from the crab


:applause: EXCELLENT :applause:

5 Stars, not crit, no questions.

Keep it up


So well done the crab makes the photo look fake!!


clap clap clap clapclapclapclapclapclapclp

aie ! !my hands burn me - -your work is simply amazing

***** 5 stars for me ,no critiques just wooOOwwwww


What’s with all the red crosses ? It looks like some of the links are broken.
This is beautiful, so I’d like to see all the pictures… :thumbsup:


Excellent image. Crab is magnificent and fits the image superbly.


Superb image, very well done!


Magnificent !!! 10/10


Excellent work mate!

Trabalho impressionante cara!!!:buttrock:


Hey guys, thank you very much!
Sorry about the broken links, I believe they’re correct now, isn’t it?!

[color=mediumturquoise]>>it looks like the octopus, from another user (don´t remember the name)
Actually, it is for the same ad campaign. The Platinum studio is responsible for the original room photograph, and we (SeagullsFly) made the manipulation, retouches and the 3d crab. The campaign asked for 3 images, one of a Lobster, one of a octopus and a third of a crab. Platinum made the two firsts, and we made the third one.

Fabricio Moraes is responsible for modelling the crab. Gabriel Loques helped me painting the textures, and I made the shading, lightning, composition and photoshop job (including CMYK calibration, irc! :)).

I’ll add some more wires and process details tomorrow, ok?!

Again, thanks a lot for the kind comments!

Fernando Reule


Perfect integration !!! :thumbsup:
FRONTPAGE admins PLEAAAASE ! :scream:


I would’ve sworn that room was a render. The lighting looks too intense on some parts of the crab. The texture is awsome though.