3d composition, with 3d rendered background? 3d projection? How to start. HELP!


Hi, I need your help.

I want to understand this example much more better and please could somebody explain me how I can first understand, and after that, to make similar 3d comps.

Here is the picture of this video compositing example.
I like this 3d comp solution a lot, and particullary its depth, but still dont have idea how to replicate to make something similar, except that they used many layers organized by the Z-axes. I see that this background was modelled and rendered in some 3d software, but I no idea how they get so much space in the back and all around and so much depth? Can anybody help me please? What is the key here? If you can recommend me some resources which I can find online please put the links at least.

What is the name of this technique? 3d projection maybe? How to start with that? What I need to know prior want to try to make similar comp?
I know of basic 3d comping use and I read about 3d camera approach with using cards, where we put our part of the image, but how to use something like this complex on those cards and in 3d space to get effects like from the picture? How I need to model this floor to get the most from it when render are done?

Thanks you very much! :slight_smile: