3D-Coat 4.1 relased


   The latest version of 3D-Coat is officially released with big improvements and new features in all areas. 
  Some of the biggest improvements include

[li]Specular blending modes.[/li][li]Split & Joints Tool - easily cut off part of the model and simultaneously create a socket-type joint so 3D printed parts can be reassembled after printing.[/li][li]Gizmo for 2D grid and overlay images.[/li][li]Lathe function in Primitive objects.[/li][li]3D splines for making selections on an object.[/li][li]All new Global Uniform method for UV unwrapping in addition to the previous ABF and LSCM methods.[/li][li]And much more![/li][/ul]

 For a full list of the new features and improvements click here: 
  Of course the update is free for current 3D-Coat v4 owners, but if you don't already own it you can try it unrestricted for 30 days for free. Either way you can download it here.


Looks like an amazing update.


Nice!! :arteest:




This has become such an amazing package.


Have not used it in a while but will be using it now. Good Job!!!


What blows me away the most is that all this work and improvement is happening in Kiev, Ukraine, during all the trouble that’s going on over there right now.


yep, an amazing update

just mind blowing

ty !


BTW everyone I just found out for the next 10 days v4.1 is $41 off. You can see it on the Buy Now page



soo… 4.1 is not a free upgrade or 4.0 users… ?

edit…ok, so v3 to v4 is $90… >

“a special price of $89 is established on upgrades from V3 to V4 licenses”…



Yeah I said in the first post, it’s a free upgrade for 4.0 owners. Purchases of 4.x, either full or upgrade from v3.x, get the discount.


This is a massive and awesome update…am using 3D Coat a LOT lately!


Alright, it’s officially getting my attention.
Will have to make time to give the demo a more serious try.


Well …have to says you made me to download the demo!


Downloaded it yesterday. I wanted to test the retopology tools. They are amazing. Simple, usable and effective. I have tested the texture and sculpting capabilities of 3D Coat before and I can say it is a great application.


What a fantastic update! A bunch of really useful features have been added and I’m absolutely loving them. It’s amazing just how fast 3D Coat has been improving too. A certain corporation could learn thing or two from Andrew when it comes to innovating. :wink: