3D-Coat 4.0 beta released


The 3D-Coat team has been working it’s way towards version 4.0 in huge ways and on October 1st the 4.0 beta has finally been released. In fact since then two additional beta updates have been released.

The download and updates can be found here:

You may use this beta as an unlimited 30 day trial as well. You may need to look under Edit > Preferences and check the box “Show Beta Tools” in order to get the latest features.

New features include:

[li]A new interface with many options for displaying icons, text, or both and menus that can now can be dragged and move with momentum so you can just toss them up or down.[/li][li]Painting directly on voxel models[/li][li]Live Clay tools that allow sculpting with real time decimation on polygonal models.[/li][li]New retopology tools, such as Extrude, which make it possible to do polygonal modeling in the Retopology room.[/li][li]New tools for creating and closing large holes in meshes (Perfect for 3D scanning)[/li][li]Ghosting of layers, which locks them but they can still be seen transparently.[/li][li]Export to Collada (.dae), file type.[/li][li]And much much more![/li][/ul]3D-Coat is also now available in the Steam store with a 10% off discount (Until October 9th so hurry!):

Purchases made during or after August will receive a free upgrade to version 4.0!


I think i ask same thing everytime sculpting app upgrades, how easy is it hard edge modeling with 3Dcoat?


Quite easy. I did a tutorial on sculpting, retopo, and texturing an Uzi in June 2011’s 3D World mag (issue 143). Much of it is done with booleans and slicing off bits to create a hard edge, but certainly there are plenty of other tools for flattening, pinching, etc. One thing that can help is brushing on decimation in spots where you don’t need so many polys.

This sculpture was done with lots of hard surfaces in 3DC. He says everything was done in 3D-Coat from sketch to final render:

He wrote a PDF tutorial that goes over many of the techniques used, though on a different model. You can also find this in the tutorials section of the 3DC website.


Are there videos of what is new? That is something I really like about pixologic. they make videos to illustrate new features so that you can be aware about how they work.


There will be videos when it’s released I’m sure. I don’t know if there re any
"feature videos " per se right now during the beta. However there are a lot of tutorial and other videos, many added recently on the official YouTube page as well as many free tutorial videos on the 3DC site and forum.




Thanks Phil.


By the way you can also find a lot of new features and videos as they’re created on Raul’s blog. Raul handles all of the LiveClay related tools.



Hi Phil,

Does the free upgrade apply to the non-professional version as well?



The website says in several places that you will get a free upgrade if you buy now. On the purchasing page it specifically says.

Everyone who buys 3D-Coat V3 in October 2012 will obtain free upgrade to 3D-Coat V4 !

So it sounds like that goes for every version to me.

There is more info on the Buy Now page.


Thanks Phil :slight_smile:


Another thing to note is that while there is no official release date the line I quoted above seems to imply that v4 will be out by the end of October.


For those of us with V3, any idea of the upgrade cost to V4?


No real price has been stated yet but considering the upgrade from 2 to 3 is only $60 I don’t think it will be a lot more than that, maybe between $60 and $80.

Edit: Beta 4 is now out, but Andrew is going on vacation with his family for 2 weeks so this will be the last update until after he gets back.


that’s one reason i’ve decided against this app. the competition has yet to charge an upgrade fee. that alone is reason for anyone considering this to go with the competitor in my opinion as all the apps that i use have implemented GoZ…i realize your app has connezion or whatever but like the other statements made they offer more support and more tutorials. i really debated over the price difference and which one was best and after much thought i have decided against this app. it’s kinda like what’s goin on politically, you can try and talk it up, you know like salespeople do, but the work speaks for should speak for itself…by the way if your old enough please exercise your freedom to vote and vote. if you hate lines and are busy you can early vote starting sometime this month i think some states have already started and totally avoid any crowd…and again i hate to dog this software but i saw a video the other day where a guy domenstrated the difference in the sculpting tools in z and hex and i didn’t even know hex has sculpting tools…lol and it is free from daz3d for now.


While I will agree yes, zb is offering free updates for now, I just want to be clear that 3DC offers free updates with new features almost on a bi-weekly basis with a pretty fair upgrade price every few years. I’ve been using 3DC since 2007 and still haven’t paid anywhere near what zb costs. I’m no salesman, just a user and a fan. Just sharing with people who might be interested.


Sorry, but if you are under the impression that Pixologic’s upgrade policies represents the norm that other companies aim for ( or should aim for) you’ re WAY off. Most companies charge for whole version upgrades (like between 3 and 4, which is the case here)…and considering the development that has been done during the v3 cycle (LiveClay, amongst other things) a $60-$80 upgrade fee is NOT a lot of money…


If one looks at how much is provided in the multiple point releases to 3D coat, to be honest, $60 for a full level upgrade is not, by any means, unreasonable.


That’s still 60 times more expensive than ZBrush though. :wink:


only if you ignore the “slight” difference in cost for the original purchase.


I’m zbrush through & through & 3dcoat just didn’t feel right. Having said that I don’t think you can question the price which would be good value for just the retopology tools by themselves!

What’s the voxel sculpting performance like nowadays on a non cuda card - it was pretty lousy last time I checked but that was a couple of versions ago.