3D coat 2.10 released.


Posing tool in 3DC leaves alot to be desire but give them a try and see what you think.

Not sure about the cavity map part(haven’t touch it). You can bake out normal(tangent or world space), displacement(both grey scale and vector displacement),color, specular, AO maps.

I’d say it compliment Mudbox 2009 quite nicely as a painting application. 3d-Coat has layer blending, which MBx 2009 won’t, so that come in handy when our looking for a cheap,but good 3D painting solution. Also the topology tool alone is worth the asking price, since MBx 2009 doesn’t have one this will come in handy! I just import my MBx mesh(OBJ) into 3DC and retopologize away.

And yes i bought a copy way back and haven’t regret it at all. 3.X will have hair generation tools, great for game artist who would rather spend time doing more creative things then worry about modeling hair.

Also you for existing users there’ll be a upgrade path to 3.0. I’m still buying a copy of Mudbox 2009.


I played with the demo for a bit and I must say for the price this software is a steal. Definitely buying it soon.


Looks like a great deal. The retopo tools are really easy to use (at least initially). It does cause the fan on my Macbook Pro to run like no other software I use (even Maya).

I’m hoping that’s something that will get straightened out. How hot does the Windows version run?


It’s worse in DX version, OpenGL version seems to be less stressful on the CPU/GPU, but what your experiencing is quite normal AFAIK.


That’s interesting.

I really wanted to try 3DCoat out so installed the demo on my brand new PC (XP64) but my also brand new graphics card (GeForce 9600GT) died while trying it out. I had read something on their forums about memory usage and although I have no way of knowing if 3DCoat contributed to the death of my card, I have not been brave enough to try it again.

Again, I don’t want to misrepresent 3DCoat if it had nothing to do with this, but if it does cause hardware to run hot, people should be aware that they should perhaps turn fans to max when running it.


I picked up 3D Coat a while back simply because I’d been waiting years for a cheap, decent model painting program (no one seemed willing or able to make one) and 3D Coat was just really good at it. Thus far, I’ve received a great deal more for my money.

It’s sometimes quirky, sometimes buggy, but still an incredibly good tool. If it keeps improving at the rate it is, who knows how good it’ll become. But, even if it doesn’t develop any more past where it’s at, in my opinion it’s still the most flexible model painting program around.


I was wondering why my MBP fan was going crazy too. I guess its best to wait till I get a desktop before I use this. It stresses me out to hear the laptop fans go so loud.


You can first import a low res model, (set the carcass res to it’s max, then the million of poly polys to match Mudbox polycount, and let the Uvs to linear) then import the hi res over. (import big mesh)
The two model just have to share the same UVs.
It’s a simple way to import a mudbox (or a zbrush) model and it works like a charm

the other way is to import a low res model, then a 32 bit displacement on a layer.

You can fill a layer with a color using the cavity as a mask, then set the layer blending to Multiply (like in phtoshop)
it’s a good start for a color texture.

There are some posing tool available in sculpt mode _ drag points. or using (still in sculpt mode) the select and move function. It’s not as flexible and smart as Zbrush’s transpose, but’s it’s more than usable.



Not only is Andrew one of the fastest and most talented solo programmers I’ve come across, He’s commitment to listening to his users and responding to feature requests and bug fixes, put every other company to shame!

Also other companies like Luxology and Autodesk are scared and never want to go on record about future updates, releases and plans. Andrew is upfront and always willing to talk about future plans, Beta’s and is usually always working on a fix or new idea, He’s active in his own and other forums, and has included support for things like .lwo and 3D Connexian.

The OGL and DX cross platform and Mac and soon Linux version make every effort by companuies with 1000x bigger pockets look weak in comparison. I like MB for workflow, but for the price, featureset and the sole developer 3DC is an absolute must for anyone interested in painting, sculpting. For the price anyone that doesn’t buy this is a deadset idiot.


yes…3dc development is actually proven to be much faster then either Mudbox or Zbrush

Being the sole programmer has given him the advantage of speed, but as of yet the “power” of sculpting in the app is not yet level with its competitors.

I think if 3.0 gets a good voxel modelling introduced, it may prove to be an invaluable asset. To be able to concept model from the start, and then retopo aftwards and then polish at ultra high resolutions in Mudbox 2.0 would be the fastest pipeline yet.


I agree on the fact that a solo developer needs to generate some hype and thus comunicates way more than a common company.

But i’ve seen how Andrew really took suggestions into real consideration and actually added features into a very small timeframe.

He added retopology toolset and other features, plus bugfixes and mac support in something like a month.

If volumetric sculpting will be as powerful as ZB /MB , the app will start to become scary for other companies.

website and UI could use some work, and be refined but this can happen in time, too.


not to take away credit from the developer of 3d coat, ive seen ofer do the same with zbrush. he would design some stuff very very quickly, but then the refinement came to make sure its super stable, or faster in general, or that masking worked on the items like it should, etc. thats where the time would be completely sucked into.

theres a lot of stuff in there that beta testers and myself asked for in the past, very small stuff that needed to be added in that would make a huge difference. like the way assymetrical modelling works, or the way the cavity painting works, smart resym, etc.

i think i can also take credit for the way the menus pop down too. it was available in other apps as well, but in other applications you dont have full out editors popping down which you can manipulate as much as you want. i remember writing about that not too long before zbrush 2.0 was released to beta, and then a month later it was all implemented, and working much better than before. it will happen to andrew as well. he will lose steam at one point or another, or he will take a break, or he will have to spend a lot more time optimizing stuff, or developing new tools while having to support all the past stuff.

eventually it will take a lot more time than it does now and progress will slow down quite a bit.

thing is, mudbox development could take a while, but i think none of us will complain if it ends up working exactly how it should, and if its stable. if it ends up being unstable however… and not working like it should, then we can say that the development should have been spent on a few less features so that a solid product could be introduced to us.

back to 3d coat, how is the performance in the latest version? last time i tried it ( afew months ago ), it was rather slow. i hope its been optimized a lot since.

yeah i just ask for a gradient background like earlier today, and he said he'll add it soon(probably in 2.10.2 in a couple of days).

@ambient-whisper, i’ve been keeping track of Andrews progress, and i highly doubt his going to lose steam, if ever. I mean his already working on the core engine for 3.0 voxel sculpting, and it should be in alpha in a week or 2. Also 3.0 will have better painting system. 2.10 is faster than previous version from what i read in the forums. Curious though what was “slow” about it? which part of the app?


have to say the retopo tools look really cool!:thumbsup:


[left]Web-designer - Popelnukh Vladimir[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]IS THE WEBSITE DESIGNER, hopefully they are looking at this thread and will decide to upgrade (and I mean copy) some UI design from applications and websites and go for a slicker look which really does “sell” an application. I hope some folks can help submit gallery pictures too, its looking a little raw all over the site.[/left]
[left] [/left]


Great to hear that about Ofer !

I would simply try 3d coat again.

Performance should be improved since you tested it.:slight_smile:

Also, i think that given your level of expertise into modelling and sculpting and betatesting severar apps, you could give fantastic suggestions to Andrew to improve the app in time.

Probably the level of programming ability of Ofer and Andrew is equivalent.
They’re both two great programmers and ZB is a great app and i think 3D coat can grow very well, just like ZB did.

From my POV innovation and competition is what at the end brings the best tools for us artists, and its great to have different apps with similar purposes, so 3d coat is highly welcome.


Some people seem to misunderstand the concept of volumetric sculpting. Zbrush and Mudbox are based on polygonal topology. 3DCoat 3.X will have volumetric/particle-cloud based/voxel sculpting capabilities, allowing us not to worry about topology at all during the creation process.
So, you can either sculpt a plastic bag ( subdivided into trillions of polygons ), or you can sculpt virtual clay. I quite frankly prefer clay :slight_smile:

The only application capable of this to date is ClayTools and FreeForm from Sensable technologies (ClayTools starting at 6000$ +)… …and Voxel3D :bowdown:

So, actually, 3DCoat could overtake ZB&MB in a couple of weeks!


Let’s not use terms like ‘overtaking’. The usefulness of an application isn’t determined by its feature set.


They really need a new website too. If it wasnt for the glowing praises in this thread I would have closed the page without even looking into it. It is like some crappy geocities website from 1998.


I would only want to suggest, if the developer is here on CGTalk, to change the ubber-complicated download system of the demo: 1. I had to register, I had to write down a captcha code, then it generated a valid link just for my IP. Imho, that’s excessive. Give the users the possiblity to subscribe to the newsletter, but not make it mandatory. Actually, you driveoff potential costumers with that.

Just my suggestion, after all you surely do want as many as possible downloads.