3D coat 2.10 released.


that’s because he’s a lone developer… the more people involved, the more muddled support eventually gets. That’s a no-brainer. Also, being the lone wolf also means potential features will probably take longer than groups with a larger staff. It’s a double-edged sword. I don’t envy him at all.


yup its free, but you need a new serial. he made it hardware independent. Atlest thats what i read.


I make enough… wait… my company makes enough to afford a fully featured peice of production software. Buying something on the cheap doesn’t mean it’s up to the task.

carry on.


Illuminating as always, thanks.


well i guess the logic is you get what you pay for… in the case of 3d-coat you get a lot more then you pay for. A lot more . But like you said its not you money your spending sooo carry on.


nah… I think I’ll get more out of a Mudbox 2009 upgrade than 3Dcoat. I’m sure ZB users probably think the same thing. I’m all for rooting for the lil guy, but not to the point I’m going to screw myself over in production. But thanks for letting me voice my opinion.


You are, of course, more than welcome to buy me a copy of Mudbox while you’re at it. :wink:


I half agree with you.
As a zbrush user, i coudn’t live without. BUT, i see and use 3d coat as a fantastic COMPLEMENTARY tool. I’m using it all the time, and can’t live without either.
It’s worth the price.
10 times worth the price.


I’ll try to sneak in TWO extra copies into the budget :þ


I can has mudbox? :bounce:

I do think something 3d Coat has over mudbox is the ability to paint in the UV window. I guess at that point I would personally rather use photoshop, but I saw some people mention in the mudbox thread that they wanted that feature.


Compared with the development speed of Zbrush and Mudbox this app could overtake them in 2 or 3 years. It has some great features that neither one them even has.

If the sculpting is rebuilt to be on even close to those two apps.
Gameover for Mudbox and Zbrush.


Yep, you can paint your texture in the Uv window, visualizing the texture in shaded mode,and change AFTER that the Uv layout, or the Uv smoothing mode of the model.
It’s a great advantage over photoshop.


I think “cavity painting” is particularly handy:




The Retopo tutorial was very nice.


Looks interesting, haven’t tried it yet… the marketing (logo, webpage etc) makes it look more like a ‘toy’ than a professional tool though…

 C´mon.. really? 

I agree but in a positive way. Toys are fun. 3D-should be fun. Work should be fun. Having fun is not unprofessional; it is part of the creative process. Personally I like the whole theme going on. It feels very light.


pixologic used to be that way as well until after release 2 when they got a lot of popularity, and needed to support a lot more people, and companies using their product.

you’d be surprised how much there’s going on behind the curtain. for example, when ryan kingslein was a part of pixologic, he was always running about to companies, teaching them the software, having his blog, sharing techniques, being on the phone for support, working with beta testers, etc, etc, etc. also, when you have competition, you want things to stay secret, otherwise if you show something too early someone else might just copy you. another reason for keeping things secret is because they can R&D some stuff which might not even make it to next version. when that happens, you get dissapointment from users that were expecting feature such and such.

now, when you are a small guy, you want to keep everyone in the loop to generate hype, which the 3d coat guy is doing just fine :D. im also keen on seeing where he goes with voxels.

having said that, they could open up a little, like in the good ol days, when every few weeks pixolator would show off something new hes been cooking with new technology.


hmm, interesting stuff! that retopo and posing tools seem really nice


I’d be interested in purchasing this if it would compliment my Mudbox workflow. Could I import my Mudbox models and generate cavity maps and the like? Retopology looks decent. Are there posing tools available (can’t see anything on the site)?


I agree with what you’re saying Ambient.

But yeah… I remember those days well. In fact, I remember Ofer being online on IRC (precursor of AIM for the youngsters out there) on channel #pixel, showing us demo-scene folk his 2.5D artwork that he’d done with what I assume must’ve been a pre 1.0 version of zBrush. That was back in the mid 1990s, well before the mass onset of 3D on home computers. Good times that.

What happened to that guy…?
I guess he grew up and started a little revolution. Bless him. :slight_smile: