3D coat 2.10 released.


The latest version of this amazing painting/sculpting app is relleased. Among new feature, you will find fantastic retopology/projection tools, a support for different UV smoothing type, a better support of PSD layer blending, a better material previewing, and many fixes.



Excellent, the topo tools look really great!


“3D-Coat becomes cross platform - it supports Windows and MacOS 10.4,5 (Intel)”


Wow. This tool looks quite amazing.


3d coat is the first to do what zBrush and Mudbox have not been delivering: cross platform compatibility.


OMG! that topology tool is the best I have seen.

3d Coat is now in the Big leagues. Nice price too. Gotta buy this.


i’m glad that you like it.

In the next release, there will be a volumetric sculpting engine. :slight_smile:
At least, you will be able to sculpt a model without any topology constraint.


Direct link for this info:


And good preview of new stuff:

Looks great!



Really? what are you smoking? The new mudbox demo at siggraph blows this away.

There really is no comparison here. To me it is like comparing ms paint to photoshop cs3.


I think you’re missing the point.


3D coat has a lot of features that MB don’t , like a full Photoshop Psd support, with layers blending, 3d layers blending modes, photoshop direct linking, Uv tools, displacement maps conversion ability, vector displacement support, fantastic topology tools, normal maps import, spline tools, unique strokes types, material filling…

and OSX support.

If you’re a mudbox user, it’s also the only tool able to edit, paint and fix 32 bits displacement maps created in Mudbox.


awesome app and it’s growing fast as a rocket. I’ve seen from the forum the programmer implementing new features quite into a daily basis and im not joking.

looking forward to volumetric sculpting features in 3.0, too.:slight_smile:


your comment says a lot more about you than about 3dcoat…


Impressive stuff.
The developer must be on steroids judging by the pace he sets. :wink:

While perhaps not (yet) quite as feature laden and powerful as zBrush and Mudbox, it does appear to do a number of things better. Not in the least the impressive speed at which cross platform support came to fruition. Something Pixologic seems to struggle with and AutoDesk simply disregards.

Hats off to 3D-Coat.


I agree, you cant get that kind of high polygon density with 3DC compare to ZB3/MBx 2009, but in the area of painting its smooth as butter. Once 3.0 hits the sculpting side of things should be more comparable to the big boys!

Voxel sculpting coming in about a week or 2 in the form of 3.0 alpha. ;) Rocket indeed. IMO sculpting isn't one of the strong points of 3D-Coat but 3.0 will address this issue! its very good for detailing(normal maps), painting. Painting in 3D Coat has been a pure joy since it works great on my low end GeForce 7600 GS!(you can't get that kind of performance from Modo painting tools).

Andrew also plans on releaseing a 64-bit version for 3.0 and he also has plans on support CUDA, so if you have a CUDA enable Nvidia card you should get about 10X performance increase when running 3.0. This is quite unique, ZB3/MBx 2009 doesnt support CUDA.


Mudbox looks awesome, but compare it like this:

  1. Mudbox isn’t even out yet

  2. It isn’t out for the mac

  3. zBrush isn’t out for Intel Macs either.

  4. 3d brush is super cheap by comparison.


Also, the developer (Andrew) actually communicates on a down to earth, human level with users on his forums. Actively discussing user’s suggestions, potential features and where he plans to take 3D Coat.
None of that infuriating corporate tomfoolery Pixologic is infamous for. The difference is like day and night in that area.
You can’t help but admire the guy for that.


Does anyone know if the update is free for current 3DC owners?


so one thing?


Perhaps you make enough money not to be bothered by price.