3d Character-Lady


anyways here she is, ibe been workng on her for a while, still alot of tweaking that is needed to be done, the real challenge is going to be texturing, posing, and lighting anyways please leave some feedback :slight_smile:


dont u think her waist is a bit manly


her head is too small.


mmm u still think so? i guess i shrink her body some more…anyways i did a bit of tweaking


She’s missing some hips.

The upper part of the stomach, near the navel, should have two bone protrusions on the sides from the pelvis (you can feel them on yourself if you like). These protrusions help form the waist line, which in her case is too low.


thx for the great input Commiekeebler! Ill look at an anatomy book, and see what ur talking about anyways here is a small update, now she is no longer blind!


One other thing, her face is very masculine.

You could reduce the effect by softening it up… I’m not sure whether the forehead is ok or not based on the angle (guys tend to have more pronounced brow ridge, girls do not). Girls tend to have rounder faces, because they have more fatty tissue around the chin. Even rail-thin girls have those chins, and I daresay, it doesn’t make them unattractive in the least.


i dont quite understand your face tips commie, could you please explain them more clearly


I dont think there that much wrong with it but I do think the shoulders need to come down a little more.
I think thats what is causeing her to look manly…
Beautiful modeling though!
Keep us updated!


Male faces tend to have rougher, bolder features: bigger noses, sharper jaw lines, thicker and more protruding brow ridges.

Female faces tend to have smaller and softer features: smaller noses, rounder jaw lines, less protruding brows.

It has to do with fat deposits on the face, as well as the underlying skeletal structure.

In terms of GROSS GENERALIZATIONS, guys are bony and girls are fatty.

This doesn’t apply to all girls or all guys, of course. But the stereotype is what makes us think whether a particular face is a male or a female.


i rounded it a wee bit and lowered the shoulders,
when i say rounded i mean i pushed the cheek bone back a bit, do u think this is good or should i do it more in your opinion?


And yes, her head is too small. It’s okay if you want to do a tall skandinavian superhero person, but for an average woman, that head is too small.

The size of the head is subconsciously used to measure the person’s height, so someone with a small head ‘seems’ tall without any other reference. A person with a big head, seems small, like a child. As we grow, our bodies grow faster than our heads. So, your girl here looks too tall. She’s probably 8-9 heads tall, as opposed to 6 to 7.5 that may be more ‘down to earth’ standard.

If you look at a good anatomy resource, check for those proportions. Here’s a link, you can find some reference images there.


Hope this helps.


I would make the cheeks a bit puffier, but she seems to be ok at the moment. Can’t really tell without seeing the profile.


she looks very nice from the waist up. try to add some of those sexy curves in the legs, they appear somewhat chunky and shapeless.

keep it up


Thanks for all the input!:bounce:
CommieKeebler: I am going for a tall look, not super tall but tall,
here is the side view you requested…
Psilipsycho: Yes the legs need alot of redefinition, ill get to it


Yes, anatomy references will help you get more definition into her body, in some places optional, in some places crucial. Her collarbone, elbows, wrists, thighs, etc could use some refinement.

Now, from the side I can see that her chin is very masculine - it is very pronounced. A girl could conceivably have one like that, but it wouldn’t be a likely occurence. I’d move that chin back a little.

Her forehead needs work… it too, needs receding back, at least on the sides, near the temples. It forms two bulges of sorts above her brows, which makes her forehead very heavy. This isn’t likely for a woman.

If you look at her from the top down, your forehead would look rectangular, like a box. Try to make it a cylinder instead.

It’s very important to get the eyebrow ridge right.


yah u are definetly right, great input ! Ill try to fix that very soon, hopefully she’ll be looking like a cute girl in no time :beer:

Right now im focusing more on the face, ill fix the body details later


Ok i pulled the chin back a bit and messed around with the brow…


Just the size of the head compared to the upper body is bothering me a little. She looks like her head is about 2/3 the size it’s supposed to be.

The back of the head needs to be pushed in more to make the head not bulge out soo much and too far down. Look at a skull from the side as reference. The skin should be displaced out a little bit before it is smoothed down towards the neck and shoulders.

The forehead has a little bit of Cro-magnon human developing. Then finally, her hips look like they round out too much. Smooth them down a bit as her hips ease into the size of her thighs.

For an interesting reference you should check out [http=http://www.comet-cartoons.com/toons/3dhelp.cfm#tutorials]Michael Comet’s site

 for a good reference for poly modelling a body.  Should help out with your shape and figure of your lady.

Other than what I've pointed out, the face looks better..  the breasts are perfect as they are and the abs look very close to being realism.

Keep up the good work!


Nightfox-When you said “The forehead has a little bit of Cro-magnon human developing.”
Is this in the brows or what? Im not sure what u mean…

Anyways i changed the size of the head…not sure if i like it…