3d character artist job position without texturing?


What do u think about finding a job as a character 3d artist without handpainting/texturing skills of humans?
I’m not gonna ask is it possible because I believe it is.
I’m gonna ask how much is possible?


Depends on the studio.
You can search job listings now to see if you can find ‘modeling’ without ‘texturing’ in the list of requirements.

You might need to be knowledgeable about UVs however…


Happens in big studios. It depends on the studio, so it’s hard to tell.


Typically in a film VFX studio, Modelers do not have to texture. There is a separate texturing department. However, some VFX studios will take advantage of generalists who can model AND texture. Character artists in games almost always do the texturing for their character. But there might be a few exceptions.


Lots of free and paid resources to get you up to speed either way you will most likely need to do uv’s don’t handicap yourself for something you could own in 4 months that gives you a deeper value for the rest of your career.