3D Character Animation: No Me Moleste Mosquito


Hello Everybody,
The intent in this animation is to provoque laugh, or at least a smile in the viewer. We are not looking critique in the 3D side we want to know if you find it amusing, very funny, super funny, or what.
Anyway any comments will be welcome.

The file has 88 mb.

Have a nice day !!!


The link provided doesn’t work.

Was this the link you meant to provide?

I found the animation to be amusing, though I thought the laugh track was a bit annoying.


though I thought the laugh track was a bit annoying.

I have to agree. The canned laughter just made me cringe, and took away any humour that was in the animation. I ended up looking at it with the sound turned off.

There are some pacing issues which could improve the piece’s “funniness”. The amount of time the guy spent “at war” with the mosquito is very short compared to the time it takes to establish the character, and the ending seems to lack any irony.

Perhaps if he was reading a book about “finding inner peace” or something along those lines it could have been funnier.

The fact that the book doesn’t actually hit either of the mosquitos is rather puzzeling. It just looks like they’re bumped off the lamp, which is probably cause for them to just continue their torture of the big guy.

Anyway, I thought that it was an ambitious project and has the potential to be really funny.



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