3D Cel Plug-ins from Japan...Amazing!


Already on the newtek forums, but didn’t see it here.

Great plug-ins for Mac/Pc32.

- WeightPaintTool 1.01 Can paint weight for bones in Layout.
- LayoutMeshEditTool 1.03 Can editmesh points in Layout.
- SketchMesh 1.00 Retopolgy tool for modeler



From a Japan developler Ruro. Thanks!

Newtek should hire Ruro!


Its a shame that no 64 bit…


That WeightPaintTool reminds me of when I first started learning 3D using Animation Master (You assigned bones to control points back then, dunno if it’s changed since).

This should be fun to play with :slight_smile:


When you went 64-bit, you knew it would be the right thing to do eventually. Certain parts are great, and certain parts you covet and wait for, because they have yet to be ported. This is the way-close-up view of the bleeding edge. They don’t call it the bleeding edge for nothin’. :slight_smile: I’d be right there with ya if I could aford it. LOL

Kudos to NewTek for being proactive in 64-bit.

… Had a Dec Alpha once. lol


don’t look the gift horse…

a few weeks ago these plugins were mac only, so consider yourself lucky to have them at all. The guy got a license just to port them to PC. very generous…


wasnt downing his plugs…they look awesome… I just wont get to use them unless they are 64 bit. ) :


why only use 64 bit ? i also install the 32bit version of layout and modeler for specifically
this reason…

makes sense to me


looks sweet :slight_smile:

as for 64, one has to use 32 too these days. most plugs are not 64.
(though it’d be a nice bonus if it was of course)


Most plugs that I need have been ported to 64 bit… There is a few that I miss, but not enough to install 32 bit yet… I was trying not to have both versions installed anymore.

I am thinking of doing it though… for these plugs…

Can someone test if this weight paint plug will work in conjunction with the weight output in dps point info… If so? Many very cool things are possible and I will install 32 bit…


Can you install 32bit LW on a 64 Bit Windows OS?


Yes you can and many people do. I run many 32 bit versions of software on my WinXp 64bit.


so whats the big problem then?


no problem, only that you have to use 4 programs…

modeler 32
modeler 64
layout 32
layout 64

+eventually CORE which will work as an addon
…so that makes it 5 separate programs.


yeah… and you also have to keep track of what app you are in depending on what plugs you want to use.


I just rename the icons (L9.6x32 or M9.6x32, etc) with
flavours for hub and nonhub.

  • Will.


if having 2 more shortcut icons on your start bar is too much then i guess it’s not for you eh!

i run 32bit and 64bit…no issues at all.


I never said that there was issues…? Just that I have had no need to do it lately.

I am really happy for you that it works well? Good for you… Maybe I will some day I will have the need to join your cool club…???

Missing the point of your post…


my point is that 64bit is great for huge problematic scenes, but you also have to factor in that there WILL be things missing if your exclusivly 64bit…like no mov output and a whole load of plugins not being compiled for 64bit also some of the lightwave native things did not get moved over to 64bit never mind 3rd party plugins…

it’s wise to have both unless you like stuff missing from your tool list…with huge hard drives i can’t really see a point to NOT installing 64bit and 32bit versions on a vista 64bit computer.


I did a quick video tutorial that uses weight paint tools. I instaled 32 bit just for these tools… it was well worth it…



Very useful video. don’t stop please . show us more.