3D Camera Projection problem



I’ve recently started learning Nuke for my uni project. I’m forming a desert scene I put together in Photoshop using layers and Nuke cards. I’m having a problem when I project the ground plane using 3D camera projection. The ground projection seems to go back far too much in 3D view and only shows half of the plane in 2D view. See pics attached. Does anyone know how I can fix it please?

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The ground will always show up where the frustrum (view cone) of the camera and your ground plane are intersecting. Nothing wrong with that. It gets cut off in 2d view, because thats where your back plane is.
If you don’t want the ground to stretch so much, you must only paint it up to the point (in 2d) where it will connect it to the back plane.


Thanks for your reply, Daniel. Unfortunately moving the back plane back didn’t help for some reason. I managed to fix it by tilting or deforming the card and bring the end furthest from the camera up a bit more. Thank you anyway.