3D Brush


Andrew has just listed an up date for this interesting, wonderfully priced, 3D displacement and painting app .,



Wowzers! A cool, cheap little app that does sculpting and texturing, exports layers to photoshop.

I’m downloading the demo now. Can’t beat that price.


looks cool…but they seriously need to add some real good quality images in the gallery. the current images dont really do any justice to the application :eek:.


looks cool…but they seriously need to add some real good quality images in the gallery. the current images dont really do any justice to the application :eek:.


sorry…double post :sad:


This is a “One Man” app----see some of the stuff on the threads of some of the users.

This is just the beginning


wow nice! gallery could be better as someone said :smiley:

triple post actually :smiley:


Yes Andrew is excellent at listening to his users…
.lwo and .PNG have recently been added because i asked for them… :slight_smile:
So it’s really good to see such a responsive developer.

It’s cheap and has a few features ZB/MB could both borrow, like painting depth/normal/color at the same time etc, And i think the Photoshop link in 3DBrush is better than ZApplink.


Looks sweet. Anyone knows how it performs on high resolution geometry?


I haven’t really tried it with very high-res stuff, but it has a “not so detailed viewport preview” mode so complex geometry and textures don’t slow you down.


Hmm…I downloaded the demo and loaded a simple model (About 2000 quads). And it was lagging every stroke i took. Is there some way to tweak performance on it?

I’m on a computer thats got these specs:

Core 2 Duo E4400
XP Home 32 bit
Geforce 8800 GTX 768 MB

It looks like a sweet program (A bit like Bodypaint maybe?) without this lag problem, i might actually buy it.


I find it very fast. You may like to question Andrew directly on the apps forum site.


Something is amiss as the app is quite quick. I’m working on an amd with similar settings. Only 2 gig of ram, though.
Check to see which version you have as he’s quite quick about working out the wrinkles. It’s worth it and then some. Some unique features implemented with simplicity and elegance. Real nice to not crash if my uvs overlap. (zb is notorious about this.)

That’s a pcie card isn’t it? It should FLY!


Indeed. If you’'ve got any suggestions on any settings i could check that’s maybe causing all this, please enlighten me. I think theres something not working right on this comp (Speed wise)


Hi everyone!

Here comes good news about 3D-Brush. In this holiday season, the full Professional version of 3D-Brush is offered at a mere $70!!!

In addition, the brand-new version 2.03 has just been released!

Here’s the list of new features and improvements (compared to v.2.02):

  1. 3D-Brush now supports 3D-Mouse! This device could be used not only to navigate, but also to vary radius/ depth/ opacity/ rotation/ focal shift/ specular.

  2. FBX import was done. It is important because it stores properly the smoothing groups.

  3. Draw with multiple random pens - use CTRL to select several pens.

  4. Presets window. The new important feature - presets window. You can store there full state of pen shape/ radius/ depth/ strip shape/ material/ filler/ color/ smooth and restore that settings any time by one click. It can speed up work much.

  5. Export low-poly meshes with original positions of vertices. It is mostly important for users who use Auto-mapping.

  6. Pen sensitivity slider in options.

  7. The new navigation bar is implemented, it can be useful for those peoples who use pen.

8) New user manual!

  1. Stability improvements.

  2. New pens. Several new pens.


All I can say is that 3DB worths every single peny in my opinion…And the speed of development, I can see it getting better and better…


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