3D Audio - Dolby Atmos


Please excuse me posting this here but I was interested to see if anyone was using Dolby Atmos in their 3d projects?

I’ve just completed a project and for the first time I delivered with binaural stereo from a Dolby Atmos mix and the reception completely blew me away. I doubt I’ll ever ship a flat stereo mix ever again as the 3D audio adds so much to the visuals. I was initially sceptical that binaural stereo could convey the spatial audio but it most certainly can.

I feel like I’ve seen the future but I’m probably quite late to this party but I’m glad I arrived. Anyone else dabbled in Atmos audio or any other spatial audio format?


I thought it might be a long shot.

Now that music streaming companies are all over Atmos and Spatial audio it won’t be long before the likes of Vimeo and Youtube follow suit. If you’re an end to end content producer you will get the call for Atmos sooner rather than later but you can future proof your productions right now by creating an Atmos mix even if you just ship binaural stereo in the interim.

Davinci Resolve Studio has all the tools and a really cheap entry point into spatial audio and all you need are a good set of headphones for monitoring the binaural mixdown.

If anyone from the future sees this and wants help drop me a PM.


On reflection this sounded too much like bragging and not advice. Deleted.