3d artist to 2d artist



I’ve never posted anything on this forum-site but I think doing so and getting involved with the CG community would do me good. And hopefully help out with my 2d design skills.

Its not like I’ve never drawn before, I’ve done 3d for about 3 years now and I’ve started a Computer Arts course at Abertay university. Until starting the course I preferred working in 3d. But thats all changed. After watching Feng Zhu and scott Robertson I realised thats the stuff I want to create and design :)

If you wouldn’t mind giving me feedback on the work I post that would be amazing for me!

cold mountain


Well, my 2 cents:

Your first two, plus the second to the right, thumbnails/compositions look very good. The others are OK, but there’s something lacking… It’s hard to point out exactly what, since I don’t think I could to better myself. However, I think they would need more work on the proportions and look for a more simple statement in terms of shape, light and form. Great compositions, in my opinion, tend to follow the great Colin Chapman’s (engineer and founder of Lotus) device: “Simplify and add lightness”. Look for example at Eytan Zana, whom I think has absolutely great compositions. They look deceptively simple and are so clear in their statements.

As for your rendered piece, I think it has a few problems:

  • The shapes are too uniform. They’re somewhere between realistic and cartoony.

  • Lighting needs to be pushed more towards that clear, simple, statement. There’s no real visual interest in the light.

  • Edge control. Rocks should look like rocks, snow like snow and ice like ice. A lot of your edges are too ambiguous.

  • Story telling. Looks like you’ve tried but that little, faint, figure isn’t doing anything. It’s more like the typical concept art trope of putting a vague figure in the image. It’s low contrast also makes it look meaningless.

With that said, I think you’re really on the right track. Your work looks pretty decent in my book, and I’m not sure I could do better myself. But, you asked for criticism so at least I can offer my thoughts. Hopefully there are others here more qualified to get into the more technical bits.

By the way, I have myself recently transitioned from a more generalist approach towards doing 2D. That’s something I wish I’d done earlier, since a generalist approach isn’t worth much and I’ve found that I truly love drawing and painting. So I wish you the best going from 3D to 2D.


When you do these images, do you actually think about the narrative premise? Do you think about the very important “design vs function” issue?

Concept artists are designers that come up with how everything should appear in the I.P., which means there is always a story and premise, and there are very specific design goals. What were the goals you set for yourself when did these? What is each design supposed to be? What function do they serve in the story? Are they logically designed and actually make sense?


As far as lighting goes. Here’s my impute on it.

You’ve already got the furthest cliffs of ice in the bg faded out a bit, where the sky color just seems to not fit with it’s fade. Might as well go for a light source coming through the opening. As well as further place everything that is in shadow deeper into shadow creating a focus on the two characters that are closest to us.

Originally I think those two characters are not as pronounced in the scene as you would really want them to be. I actually didn’t notice them until I was making these modifications. Although that might reflect more on me than the piece.

But regardless it’s a very nice piece, I just think it can do with some different lighting along with all the other critiques given so far about it.

Also looking at it again I think moving the characters up the path more might help as well.

Hope this helps
Good luck to you.