3D Artist seeks advice :)


Hey CGS! My name is Stefan and i’m currently 24 years old and wanting to work fulltime as a freelance 3D Artist.

I was wondering what can i do more to really get out there and share my work and portfolio? Where do you think i need to improve, what am i lacking or what is my portfolio lacking, and also, where do you think today is the best place to find some interesting freelance commission/remote work as an 3D Artist? Thank you for your time!

Portfolio link:https://www.artstation.com/artist/stexara

Feel free to contact me:


Hi Stefan,

You have a colourful and eye-catching portfolio!
Have you tried contacting studios directly about being freelance?
Sometimes studios employ temporary freelance artists I believe.

I think one thing your portfolio may be missing is some pieces showing off composition.
Being able to demonstrate key art principles is important.


I think the herb garden scene looks too raw, there’s too much texture repetition and it looks messy.
Everything else looks awesome thought! Great work! Especially the weapons and the fantasy plants