3D Artist Portfolio Review


I’m a recently-graduated 3D artist looking at doing some freelance work, and was hoping to get some feedback on my portfolio first - I’m primarily a 3D character artist looking at going into games art, although I also have some experience with low-poly environmental art and 2D design and animation. (NOTE: The goblin and barkeeper characters are my own design, the Project: ELLIE work is designed by designer Victoria Khaw and used with her permission. All models are my own,)

![Barty the Tavernkeep - Turnaround|690x388]

I’d also appreciate some feedback on the presentation of the portfolio itself - at the moment my portfolio site (http://tobivdb.co.uk) is hosted through Weebly, and I’m unsure about the current layout and design of the site itself. I’ve recently started moving my work to ArtStation (https://www.artstation.com/graphicalglitch) but I’m not sure if I should bite the bullet, invest in an ArtStation pro subscription and build a new portfolio site through that for clarity and ease of use?

Any feedback appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:


Work is coming from all directions these days with mobile ar vr kids education so be as many places as you can. Artstation is only 6$ a month I think so if you have stuff other than art and want a personal site I think its a great deal.

I would have an account here on CGS, Linked in. Artstations free portfolio as well and would not forget to have at least some work on other sites where people are browsing art/ polycount, cubebrush, you never know where work will come from and sites for artist are like free banner ads