3D Artist (m/w/d) - Independent 3D Game + Metaverse Designer - Style Protocol


Your mission

3D Artists, 3D Character Artists and 3D Generalists are what we call “Tailors” in the STYLE Protocol ecosystem.

As a Tailor, you will get access to thousands of exclusive virtual assets as a high-poly 3D file or as 2D inspiration. You can freely choose projects to work on and create optimised (low-poly) 3D files for multiple games and metaverses with the help of our guidelines.

Your broader experience with game development and creating well-designed 3D assets will help you work collaboratively with high-level designers to ensure that you are always developing your skills.

Your responsibilities

  • As a Tailor, you will be working at your own pace by choosing your preferred projects on the STYLE Protocol ecosystem, whenever you want!
  • Convert 2D reference images of characters to 3D models.
  • Strong technical ability to manage assets to fit poly counts, draw call limits and texture memory.
  • Experience in rigging

Your profile

  • Proficient with traditional 3D tools like Blender/Maya/Max etc.
  • Experience in rigging/skinning 3D characters.
  • Know how to create LODs (optional).

Why us?

  • Access to a community to meet fellow 3D enthusiasts from around the globe to chat and share creativity with fixed monetary rewards for every project you participate in.
  • Lifetime royalties on sales of your 3D creations in multiple metaverses.
  • Be a part of a diverse international community with highly qualified and dedicated members.

Do you want to be part of our story? Help build 3D characters and assets that are fun for players around the different Metaverses and games. Be a part of our journey to build the STYLE Protocol’s ecosystem.

You can simply apply using the link below and we will contact you :