3D Animation in UK/Canada or Holland?


Hi all, I’m new to this forum and need your advises :slight_smile: For your own experiences, studying 3D animation in UK, Canada or Holland is better? n term of both teaching module and the possibility to get job in the industry after graduated.

A bit about myself and what I want:

I’m working in Singapore now as a web designer, I graduated BA (Hons) in Imaging & Communication Design (something like Illustration, but it’s very sad that I couldn’t find job related to my major in Singapore).

Lately, after 2 years working in the industry, I feel like I want to go for a change in a subject I’m always interested in: 3D animation :wip: And also to change to a new living environment, I decide to study in another country (I’m not originally from Singapore, I’m from Vietnam and been living in Singapore for 5 years)

And because of financial issue so I’m only able to take 1 year in 3D animation. I’m not sure if it’s a bit too rush to study this in a year but I really have no other choice, the school fee I looked everywhere is so expensive (even in Singapore).

My consideration is:

_Seneca@York, Canada for their 8 months certificate in 3D Animation and they teach for those who doesn’t know about 3D and animation. I think the module is realistic and focus in skill and that’s what I am looking for (as what they said). So far I haven’t contacted this college

I also have a look at Sheridah but they only offer 4 years in 3D Animation which is out of budget for me

_National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth UK. I contacted the student service to ask if I can just study final year of diploma in Animation since I have an Art background, and they said they can offer me MA in Computer Animation. MA sounds good but at the same times for a person who knows nothing about 3Ds Max, Maya and rigging like me, I’m afraid it’s risky to jump directly to Master course :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

_And lastly: Holland. I’m sorry that by the time I post this, I haven’t done any research about Animation School in Holland.

However, my big concern is that: I don’t want to study something that’s too academic, I’m tired of 4 years sticking butt in my collage of the arts studying about concept and no skills (which I have to learn myself :banghead: ). I want something that’s more focused on skills.

And not only about studying, I want to experience at least a few years working in a related and professional industry, whether game or animation. There’s no point to spend a lot money to study in North America or UK and then going back Singapore to work :banghead: I know that self effort and hard working play BIG in getting me a job, but I’m just worry about the possibility to get job after graduated, especially in Europe where I heard lately it’s very hard to get a job, harder for Asian :cry:

So my 2-rules is simple: school with short time studying and focus more in skill, and the possibility to get job after graduated. And I know I have to work very hard to advance this 3D animation in such a short of time :banghead:

Thank you for reading and I hope to read your advise soon :slight_smile: Nice day~


For what it’s worth, you won’t be able to study for just the final year of an undergraduate programme in the UK and be able to graduate with a degree unless you are currently studying the previous two years of a degree/HND at a similar course in a university that has links with the one you wish to join. In the UK exceptional students can potentially start their degrees in the second year if they have the experience / artwork to show that they already know everything that will be taught in the first year of study, but I’ve never heard of it being allowed for entry to the final year of study (except for the exception that I mentioned above of course). UK universities won’t want you to apply to study for one year - they need to show that students attend the whole three years of a degree or that is counted against them (if you leave after one year you make the course’s drop-out score go up, and that’s is not seen as a positive value).

It will be very hard for any one person to advise about the experience of studying in all three of those countries - The UK and Canada have good reputation as countries with strong animation programmes, I don’t know about The Netherlands / Holland - they do produce some wonderful work, so there must be at least one good school there.

You mention you don;t have experience of 3D; well I would say don’t make this decision this year - try 3D out for a year to see if you really do enjoy it, then apply for a course - that way you’ll have much more complex areas you need to ask for help with - paying money to join an introduction course is fairly pointless when you can teach yourself the basics with tutorials from the web or a couple of decent books. Get to the point when you can’t solve the issues you are having, and there isn’t anything online to help - that’s when you can get the value out of the money you spend on your education.

If you really can only study for one year, a Masters might be a good idea, but only do it once you’ve learned enough 3D to realise that you really do need help to improve, and do look for a Masters where you get taught the areas you want to be taught - many Masters are very theoretical (well they are supposed to be for research), and this might not suit you.

Regarding getting a job in the UK after graduating: This is currently very difficult for students from outside the European Union. Our current government is very right wing and has a stupid attitude towards immigration, so to get a VISA you need to find a company that is willing to sponsor you through the process and also give you a salary of £20,000. You need to do this within three months of completing the course. The government has also reduced the number of VISAs each company can sponsor, so many companies are now reserving their VISAs for mid / senior level staff only; junior staff will not be considered unless they are truly exceptional. I don’t believe there is any particular bias by our government against Asians, I’m pretty sure they treat everyone just as badly as each other, regardless of race - not that that helps you unfortunately. Good luck.


Regarding the employment angle, it kinda has nothing to do with rightwing policy (I hate the Tories as much as the next person but let us keep things in perspective). At the end of the day, the UK’s visa system is actually very fair, and a lot easier to get through than many other countries. But the reality is that no studio is going to sponsor a visa for a junior with zero experience unless their reel is absolutely amazing.


thank you guys for taking time to reply my thread, especially moidphotos, thanks a bunch!

I’m going to take short courses for Digital Painting, as well as some basic in Maya to see if I can go along well with this before step any further. This plan is going to be done in end of 2013 or 2014, I just ask before hand while giving myself a year to dig more in 3D.

Again, thank you guys :wavey:


Just puzzled: why do you put Holland on your list if you don’t know about schools there?


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